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Bacardi saluts National Daiquiri Day July 19


National Daiquiri Day-  Smack in the middle of summer on July 19th celebrate Daiquiri Day! This cool, refreshing concoction was actually created by an American mining engineer working in Cuba. When his supply of gin ran out he wanted to incorporate the local spirit, which was Bacardi Rum, into a new cocktail to enjoy.  Bacardi Brand Ambassador, Juan Coronado says, “One day he ran out of his usual gin drink, so he went and grabbed the local spirit, which was Bacardi, squeezed some limes and added sugar. Then he chipped some ice from a block and shook it in a cocktail shaker.”

Original daiquiri cocktail beauty shot
The Original Daiquiri was shaken, not blended, creating a cool, crisp cocktail

Coronado also gives us some insight into what makes a great traditional daiquiri, “Daiquiris measure the skill of a bartender, in my opinion. Because it’s neither a sweet cocktail nor is it a very strong cocktail, it just has to be a very well balanced, refreshing cocktail. You have to master the balance of sweetness, sour and spirit; you have to be on top of your ingredients.  You need to be able to taste everything, like a chef.”

photo Juan Coronado against window
Bacardi Brand Ambassador Juan Coronado knows it takes passion to make a great daiquiri.

So, on this most prestigious Daiquiri Day, try out this simple recipe, just rum, lime, sugar and some ice. The key is all about the passion for making it your own.

Traditional Daiquiri

  • 2 parts BACARDÍ Superior rum
  • 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • shaved ice

Shake extremely well!!

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By: Tanya Paoli – totimes.ca
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