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Can Pop-Up art exhibitions survive online?


The life of an artist, for the most part, has always been a struggle to make ends meet and show off their craft to others. It is certainly not for everyone, but it can be rewarding in more ways than just financial for those who have a passion and talent.

An artist’s decision to make a living off of their blood, sweat, and tears can be a difficult path to take. Pop-up art exhibitions first became a thing in New York City back in 2007 and quickly became a popular way for artists to show off their work without needing to get into a major gallery or show, but can this trend last in our online world?

What is a pop-up art exhibition?

For every artist who gets to have their work displayed in a public gallery or show, there are most likely a million others trying to do the same thing. Art requires patience, creativity, and passion, and it doesn’t always work out the way the artist would hope. Yet, the pop-up art exhibition started to make things a little bit easier.

This type of exhibition comes up quickly and will last for a short time. They are used to give new or unknown artists the ability to show off their creations to the public in hopes of selling some work. They usually are less formal than a typical art show and have helped many young artists launch their careers.

Major galleries create unfairness

The art community can be divided at best, whether their differing views on artists, the work, or event venues. It can cost ludicrous amounts of money to get featured in a major art gallery, and for most artists, it is an unattainable goal. This creates unfairness in the art world.

With the rise of pop-up exhibitions and other types of art shows, these artists now have the opportunity to show their work at a reasonable price. For some, this can be a career-changing event that they would have never had a chance at 15 years ago. Many young artists have now launched their careers without needing to pay ridiculous sums of money.

Increasing popularity

Since the inception of the pop-up art exhibition, they have steadily grown in popularity, especially in major cities. They have become an affordable way for artists from all walks of life to get a chance to show what they can do. As it turns out, the general public seems to love the concept as well.

We see more and more of these types of exhibitions every year, and the trend seems to be moving upwards. Regardless of the type of art, style, or artist themselves, they make a level playing field for just about everyone in the industry. Whether this continues in the future is yet to be known, but the predictions look good.

Pop-Up in an online world

While some may think the internet would make it more challenging for an artist to get their work out there physically, it is quite the opposite. Before it became mainstream, pop-up exhibits were advertised through word of mouth, bulletin boards, and other physical media forms. The internet has changed this, and for the better.

It has never been easier for an artist to schedule an exhibition and promote it to the general public through websites and apps. There is no need to put in all the physical legwork with advertising, as you can do it all online. There are applications like the ArtRabbit App that consumers can download and quickly find all of the exhibitions near them.

The internet has revolutionized many things globally, and the art sector has benefited vastly from it. There has never been a better time to try to put yourself out there and see if you have what it takes. With all of these online resources available, anyone has a chance to make it big.

Be safe online

Whether you are looking up the next big art show or just browsing your local news, it pays to play it safe while online. You want to make sure to use the best secure private browser every time. If you want to protect yourself from cyber threats, a VPN is the best tool for that. What is a VPN? It secures your connection and protects valuable data from hackers. Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and it does not differentiate between race, colour, gender, location, or profession.

Not so temporary Pop-Up

The concept of a pop-up art exhibition is for it to be here one minute and gone the next, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. With the popularity growing and ease of access increasing, the online world is making it much easier than ever. Opportunities are everywhere for an artist, and if you are good enough, you may just take over the world.

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