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Classes begin at Toronto’s brand new French university


Université de l’Ontario français is focused on the creation and mobilization of knowledge in French

TORONTO, Sept. 7, 2021 – Today marks the start of the very first fall semester at Université de l’Ontario français (UOF), a mobilizing project for the province and for “la Francophonie.” The brand-new campus, located in downtown Toronto, is ready and staff at the UOF are excited to be welcoming this initial cohort of students.

Founding any new university is no small undertaking. In the case of UOF, it is the outcome of intensive engagement by a wide range of stakeholders who recognized the usefulness and importance of such an institution, not only to the vitality of an entire community, but also to future generations of Franco-Ontarians.

“I want to wish a wonderful start to the new school year to the very first students who have chosen UOF,” said an enthusiastic Pierre Ouellette, President of the UOF. “This is a special day because the arrival of our initial cohort marks the fulfilment of a long-held dream of the Franco-Ontarian community. As the weeks, semesters and years pass, each of us will be able to watch UOF develop and thrive, eventually claiming its rightful place on the provincial, national and international scenes.”

Thanks to colossal efforts, swiftly implemented, this university that seeks to do things differently is now moving into action.

The innovative university: a tangible pledge

Université de l’Ontario français offers an innovative conception of learning, which includes breaking down silos via programs that take a transdisciplinary approach, enabling a broader understanding of the myriad facets of the complex challenges facing modern society.

Learning methods are essentially focused on problem solving, collaborative research and hands-on experimentation. The goal is to develop skills in connection with knowledge, not the reverse. Moreover, the university strives to be inclusive and agile, with a variety of course delivery modes adapted to the needs of a diverse range of students and professionals (part-time or full-time, online or in person).

Although UOF is rethinking traditional academic models, its course content is no less keyed to the demands of the labour market and to the needs evident in Ontario’s socioeconomic reality.

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