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COVID-19: Ontario reports fewer cases, fewer deaths than yesterday, conducts more than 15,000 tests


TORONTO, ON., May 13, 2020 — Today the province reported a drop in new cases of COVID-19 as well as fewer deaths. Ontario reported 329 new cases of the virus after reporting 361 on the previous day and public health reported 40 deaths, which are 16 fewer than on the previous day, increasing Ontario’s death toll to 1,765. Meanwhile, 15,845 COVID-19 cases have been resolved, as the province also completed 15,167 tests yesterday, substantially more than its last report.

Sadly, the Ontario health units also reported 40 more deaths, 16 fewer deaths than yesterday’s report, increasing the province’s death toll to 1,765. 1,250 of the 1,765 deaths have occurred in people over the age of 80 with an additional 434 deaths in the 60-79 age category. While 81 people aged 20-59 have also lost their lives due to the COVID-19 virus.

Ontario’s total case count including recoveries is 21,236 while the total number of Ontarians who have lost their lives to COVID-19 is now 1,765. There have been 15,391 recoveries and the province has now completed 475,058 tests.

The number of COVID-19 cases for the past seven days are 399, 477, 346, 294, 308, 361 and 329 respectively, whereas last week the province was reporting between 400 and 510 cases.

Long-term care homes have been hardest hit

Meanwhile, the long-term care situation continues to be grim. The total number of active cases in the long-term care homes is 2,972 along with 1,558 staff members. A total of 256 outbreaks, and increase of seven from yesterday have been reported in long-term care homes along with more than 1,239 deaths.

Hospitals have also reported 308 staff cases of COVID-19 which is four more since yesterday. Sadly, two more deaths were reported among hospital staff yesterday so the death toll for hospital staff has increased to 52. There now have been 73 outbreaks in Ontario hospitals, which is the same number as yesterday’s report.

According to hospital stats provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health from May 12 as of 4 pm, the number of actively hospitalized patients in Ontario due to the coronavirus is 1,018, which are 7 fewer than yesterday, while the total number of patients currently in Intensive Care is 189. Also of note, 3,562 of the total 21,236 cases are healthcare workers.

Ontario daily COVID-19 case counts past 20 days

If you take a look at the numbers over the past 14 days you will see that the average continues to drop as over the past seven days have seen an average of 359 new cases a day while the previous 7 days, the daily average was 427. So the case counts are dropping at this point with increased testing, meaning that is a doubly good sign that the spread of the virus is slowing.

Ontario COVID -19 case counts since April 20, 2020

April 20 – 606, April 21 – 551, April 22 – 510, April 23 – 634, April 24 – 640, April 25 – 476, April 26 – 437, April 27 – 424, April 28 – 525, April 29 – 347, April 30 – 459, May 1 – 421, May 2 – 511, May 3 – 434, May 4 – 370, May 5 – 387, May 6 – 412, May 7 – 399, May 8 – 477, May 9 – 346, May 10 – 294, May 11 – 308, May 12 – 361, May 13 – 329

Greater Toronto Area and Toronto COVID-19 case numbers

Greater Toronto Area public health units now account for 62.4% of cases while 12.7% of those people are hospitalized. Toronto has reported 7,944 cases, while there are 3,041 in Peel, 524 in Halton, 1,174 in Durham, and 1,869 in York.

In Toronto, there have been 634 COVID-19 related deaths reported, which is a dramatic increase of 44 since the previous day. Until today’s numbers come in there are 218 new COVID-19 infections in Toronto bringing the city’s total up to 7,944 cases. To date, 5,655 people have recovered, an increase of 206 since yesterday. There have also been 127 COVID-19 outbreaks within institutions, up two from the previous day.

Yesterday, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa said, “I think it’s important to remind everyone that easing our public health measures will continue to be a gradual process until we have a vaccine, or effective treatments for this virus. Until that time, physical distancing will be part of our everyday lives – in all settings.”

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