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COVID-19 update: Ontario reports new case numbers back up, another record-high death increase


TORONTO, ON., April 28, 2020 – After an encouraging three straight days of fewer COVID-19 case counts, Ontario reported 524 new cases as of 10:30 am today. Ontario public health units had been reporting a steady decline with 476, 434 and 424 cases after the record-high a record-high 640 new cases on Friday. Ontario has now reported 15,381 cases of COVID-19.

Sadly, today Ontario reported 59 deaths, marking another daily record-high after yesterday’s report of 57 new deaths, and raising the death toll to 951 with 8,964 recoveries.

“We had three good days and then all of a sudden today it spikes up again. So we need consistency (with physical distancing) right across the board to see a downward slope over the next couple of weeks,” said Premier Doug Ford on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, after the Province completed 10,852 tests on Monday, after a record 12,550 tests on Sunday, which marked the first time Ontario had met or exceeded their goal of 12,500 daily tests by April 22. The province is aiming to be testing 16,000 people a day by May 6.

Things continue to be bad in long-term care homes as province-wide, sadly 705 of the 951 deaths have occurred at long-term care centres, which is an increase of 34 deaths since yesterday, and the total number of cases in the care homes has risen to 3,277 of which 2,240 are residents and 1,033 are staff members. There have been 176 outbreaks within long-term care homes.

Hospitals have also reported 364 staff cases of COVID-19 as well as 20 deaths. There now have been 55 outbreaks in Ontario hospitals, which is up 1 from yesterday.

In terms of true stats from today’s numbers, which are from April 27 as of 4:00 pm, Ontario Public Health officials said the number of hospitalized patients in Ontario due to the virus now has increased by 12 to 957 and it has continued to go up for the past week, while the number of patients in ICU has dropped again from 241 yesterday to 239. Today, there are also 17 patients currently on ventilators, which has dropped again slightly for the second straight day. Also of note, 2,144 of the total 15,381 cases are healthcare workers.

Greater Toronto Area and Toronto COVID-19 case numbers

Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 59.4% of cases, of which 2,211 exist in Peel, 433 in Halton, 905 in Durham, and 1,401 in York.

Meanwhile as of 11:00 am today, Dr. Eileen de Villa and Toronto Public Health say there are 5,128 people infected with COVID-19 in Toronto. This includes 4,647 confirmed cases and 481 probable ones. “We have 319 people in hospital and 109 in ICU. In total, we have lost 305 Torontonians to this virus,” said Dr. de Villa,

Dr. de Villa also reminds everyone about what all the numbers really represent. “We must remember when we reflect on these numbers that they represent our friends, our family members and our loved ones. There isn’t a moment of each day that goes by that I don’t think about this,” said Dr. de Villa.

Total COVID-19 cases and deaths in Canada Tuesday, April 28 at 11 am – 49,025 cases, 2,766 deaths

Canada has reported a total to 49,025 cases of COVID-19 including 149 more deaths bringing the Canada’s death toll up to 2,766 deaths. With 1,599, Quebec has sustained the most COVID-19 related deaths in Canada. Ontario has now had 951 coronavirus-related deaths and British Columbia has now reached 103 deaths due to COVID-19. Quebec by far also has the most cases of COVID-19 with 24,982 while Ontario is second highest at 15,381. The two provinces account for more than 50% of Canada’s COVID-19 case count. Alberta is now at 4,696 cases while BC saw a bit of a jump with 50 more cases increasing their number to 1,998 reported cases of COVID-19. Saskatchewan now has 365 reported cases while the rest of the Canadian provinces have well below 300.

Number of COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world Tuesday April 28, 2020 at 11:31 am

Worldwide today, the numbers overall continue to decline. There are 3,110,219 cases of COVID-19, which is up 114,763 from yesterday as reported by the Johns Hopkins University. Of those cases there are have been 9,225 more deaths, which on average is over 2,000 fewer than yesterday’s numbers, bringing the worldwide numbers up to 216,808 total deaths due to the novel coronavirus.

The United States by far has the most cases of COVID-19 worldwideeclipsing one million today, going from 968,203 to 1,010,716 followed by Spain with 232,128 while Italy is next now with over two-hundred thousand cases with 201,505. France, saw a bit of a jump today as their case count which had been slowing down went from 162,220 to 169,052 reported cases of novel coronavirus. Germany now has 159,431 cases followed by the United Kingdom which seemed to also be slowing had a huge jump of or eight thousand new cases and now has reported 162,359 cases. Turkey is now at 114,653 while Russia continues to report increased case numbers jumping ahead of Iran with 83,558 yesterday. Iran now has 92,544 cases while China has only reported a big jump of over 6,000 cases and now has 89,958. while Brazil is now reporting 63,328 cases. Canada is slowing in case reports with 50,932 cases and the same goes for Belgium which now has 47,334 cases of COVID-19. Netherlands has really slowed with 38,612 total cases of the virus followed by India which jumped ahead of Switzerland with 31,060 cases. Peru also jumped above Switzerland and they now have reported 31,190 cases of COVID-19. Switzerland is next with 29,264 and seems to be doing well with slowing the spread.

In terms of deaths, the numbers all appear to be increasing slower since Saturday. The United States reported 3,352 Tuesday and now stands at 58,916 coronavirus-related deaths. New York City alone has reported 17,682 deaths but they seem to have be continuing to slow the spread now. Italy has had 27,359deaths followed by Spain with 23,822, France with 23,660 and then the United Kingdom with 21,678 deaths caused by COVID-19.

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