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Diplomatico rums of Venezuela


These days you heard a lot about Venezuela lately in the news. Famine, political oppression, crime insecurity are some of the common headlines. Once, the poster country for Latin America in progress, Venezuela is an urgent case of humanitarian aid.

But putting the bad aside, my country of origin is also famous for its geography, gorgeous women and Rum.

Rum production in Venezuela has a long history, though it was often considered the alcoholic beverage for the less fortunate economically for many years. It has been only during the last 20 years or so that a number of the rum producers have begun creating higher quality products. Venezuelan domestic demand has shifted from Whisky to Rum. With soaring inflation above 150% per year, Venezuelans have sticked to the local spirit. And from the fever has spread worldwide.

Diplomatico rums are made proudly in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas and are among the finest South American rums. With a total of seven stills (three pot stills and four column stills) the distillery has been crafting amazing spirits for over 45 years and has achieved amazing success both domestically and in leading export markets. The company also supplies the majority of the spirit for Pampero rum, a brand which has enjoyed considerable global success.

Fortunately for us in Canada, we can find Diplomatico Rums both in Quebec and Ontario. For me, Diplomatico can stand among the finest French cognacs and Scotch whiskies. It is quite a pleasure for me to write this column as Diplomatico hold a very special place in my heart. With winter in full swing at the moment, it is the perfect timing to enjoy a glass of rum among a crackling fire.

Diplomatico 8 years Reserva

LCBO # 274258. $43.05

Diplomatico Reserva is produced with sugar cane honey, which is the syrup derived by heating the freshly crushed sugar cane juice. The final rum is obtained by blending rums that have aged for at least 8 years in American oak casks.

Amber gold in color, the nose offers a fruity bouquet of dried prunes, brown tobacco and caramel. Flavors bring to mind cooked fruit such as khaki, apple and prune with hints of vanilla to complement the tasting experience. A very fine aftertaste lingers at the end bringing to mind black pepper and christmas cake spice.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

LCBO # 366633. $58.10

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of 20 per cent light column distilled rums with 80 per cent pot still rums aged up to 12 years, a proportion of which are rums from exceptional barrels which are used in Master Blender Tito Cordero’s secret preparation.

On the nose, aromas of honey and butterscotch complemented with wild thyme and a hint of citrus peel. Both sweet and hot spices give it an inviting warmth that does not burn your throat, just making a nice tingle. Excellent value rum for the money.

Wines of the Weeks: Two easy reds for your pocket

For many, January is the month of abstinence or the time of the year when we watch our expenses to relieve for the holidays indulgences. If you wish to enjoy drinking some wine, I will propose you two reds wine friendly for your finances.

Banfi Centine 2014

LCBO # 323725 $15.95

A fresh blend that blends the traditional character of Tuscan Sangiovese with the international style of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is a very express full wine full of fruit and spice. Intense raspberry and plum notes with hints of coffee beans, liquorice and cinnamon. Complex with soft and elegant tannins. Long pleasing finish.

Orphéus Etna Rosso 2013

LCBO # 288877. $32.40

Italian wine Etna Rosso D.O.C. “Orpheus” of the winery Scilio is made with Nerello grapes mascalese 80% – 20% Nerello Cappuccio grown in the northern slope of Etna, in the Municipality of Linguaglossa, in the district Galfina Valley of Sicily. The result is a profusion of spice and fruit flavours, notable cherry. Its well-balanced wine with rich tannins, leaving a smooth, lingering taste.

By Marco Giovanetti – mtltimes.ca

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