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15 Best Ramen Spots In Toronto You MUST Try Today


Looking for the best ramen Toronto has to offer? PERFECT. You found the right page.

Noodle fans are sweeping the globe, and Toronto is no exception.

Toronto’s ramen scene is exploding, captivating foodies with its diversity and depth.

From the rich, savoury broths to the perfectly chewy noodles and the explosion of flavours with each bite, the city’s ramen restaurants are a testament to culinary excellence.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional ramen or a modern fusion, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Let’s dive into this guide to the top ramen restaurants, where each bowl promises a journey through the heart of Japan’s beloved comfort food right here in Toronto.

How We Picked The Top Ramen Spots

We all know the awful feeling of walking into a restaurant you found online, expecting the best ramen ever, only to realize it’s nothing like you had hoped.

When we made this list, we didn’t just seek a quick ramen fix; we looked for places that stood out—places we’ve actually dined at and had those “Mmmmmmmmmm” (with minimum words to follow) moments.

The selection process was comprehensive, focusing on authenticity, ingredient sourcing, unique offerings, and our own experience backed by real customer feedback.

Authenticity played an especially weighted role, as we aimed to spotlight restaurants that offer a genuine taste of Japanese culinary art.

For those of you who like a “twist,” we also looked for spots that bring something unique to the table, be it innovative twists on classic bowls or rare regional specialties.

We scrutinized customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and consistency. Each place on our list has a proven track record of delighting ramen enthusiasts across the city.

Pick any of these spots and you’ll walk away with a happy belly full of the best ramen in Toronto.

The Best Ramen in Toronto

1. Ikkousha Ramen

Ikkousha Ramen in Toronto features two locations on Queen Street. Each location has a specialized focus: one on pork ramen and the other on chicken ramen.

Their Tonkotsu Black Ramen is a dish that elevates traditional tonkotsu with its rich, savoury broth. This broth, a creamy blend steeped with pork bones and enhanced with Fukuoka-crafted soy sauce, forms the base of a dish renowned for its depth of flavour.

Another dish to try is the Tori Paitan Ramen which features a creamy chicken broth simmered and enhanced with Fukuoka-made soy sauce. This dish has a silky texture and a rich chicken aroma. It’s served with Ikkousha’s original noodles, tender chicken cha-shu, black fungus, and spring onions.

Each piping hot bowl of Ikkousha’s Tonkotsu Ramen is served with their original noodles, tender pork cha-shu, black fungus, and spring onions, combining textures and tastes in perfect harmony.

The dedication to quality makes Ikkousha a standout destination for ramen lovers in Toronto.

This restaurant is committed to providing an authentic and satisfying ramen experience. This shines through in every dish and makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking the best ramen to suit their fussy taste buds.

2. Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen is a popular local chain. They make their noodles in-house using premium flour. This ensures every bite is full of flavor and texture.

Kinton Ramen’s broth is carefully made with high-quality ingredients. The flavour is complex, savoury and aromatic. The broth cooks for hours, pulling rich flavours from the bones and ingredients. This process creates a flavourful base for each bowl of ramen.

What sets Kinton Ramen apart are its signature offerings and the meticulous care in preparing each dish.

Seasoned soft-boiled eggs, roasted pork, and vibrant vegetables top these steaming bowls, adding layers of flavor and texture.

For those seeking recommendations, the spicy garlic ramen is a standout, offering a piquant twist to the rich, savory broth.

3. Ramen Isshin

Ramen Isshin operates two main locations in Toronto, on College Street and Queen Street West.

These restaurants honour traditional cooking methods, especially with their signature Wok Fried Red Miso Ramen. This dish starts in a wok, sautéing veggies with red and white miso, sake, and other flavors. Then, it’s mixed with tonkotsu broth, boiled, and laid over fresh noodles, creating Isshin’s unique flavor blend.

Beyond the classics, Isshin distinguishes itself with exotic offerings like the Tsukemen, or Dipping Ramen, the renowned Black Sesame Tan Tan Noodle, and the White Sesame Shio Ramen.

These dishes, along with many vegetarian options and a great selection of appetizers, highlight the restaurant’s dedication to variety and quality.

4. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka has two locations in Toronto and is a gem for ramen lovers, renowned for its exceptional pork based broth.

Their signature dish, the white tonkotsu soup, represents the art of careful refinement and continuous improvement. This creamy pork bone broth boasts a mild, gentle flavour, refined to ensure each spoonful is as delightful as the last.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is known for keeping its traditional cooking methods, which creates a flavourful but balanced broth. This commitment to authentic taste and high quality makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking the best ramen in Toronto.

At Santouka, it’s all about enjoying the balanced flavours in each dish. They aim to offer ramen that’s delightful from the first to the last sip, making every meal memorable and satisfying.

If you visit the location on Yonge St, be sure to try the Kara Hiyashi ramen with seafood and kale noodles – available only from June to September.

5. Sansotei Ramen

Since 2012, Sansotei Ramen has been a part of Toronto’s food scene, inspired by Japan’s Kyushu and Hokkaido ramen traditions.

Located in the city’s vibrant core, Sansotei is known for its high-quality, authentic dishes. They use the best ingredients from local sources and Japan to make their famous Tonkotsu Ramen.

This place draws inspiration from Japan’s Kyushu and Hokkaido regions to create authentic Tonkotsu Ramen.

One standout offering is the chicken shio ramen, a lovely blend of tender chicken, black fungus, green onions, and a perfectly soft-boiled egg. They also do an amazing spicy tan tan that would please noodle lovers anywhere.

Sansotei Ramen is known for its hard work and quality, gaining praise from critics and diners. This success has helped it grow, reaching cities like Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Montreal. If you’re searching for top-notch ramen in Toronto, Sansotei delivers an authentic and memorable taste of Japan.

6. Konjiki Ramen

A Toronto favourite, Konjiki Ramen sets the bar high with its Signature Clam Intense Shoyu Ramen, captivating the palates of those in search of the city’s best ramen.

Konjiki Ramen is best known for its detailed approach to making ramen. They use specially chosen flour and ingredients, processed with precise Japanese machinery. Their soup base is complex yet balanced, showing their careful preparation.

A popular dish here is Konjiki’s Signature Clam Intense Shoyu Ramen, which has a strong soup with flavours of clam, chicken, and pork. This mix balances sweet and fresh tastes, thanks to Chef Yamamoto‘s secret recipe, offering a memorable flavour. The dish gets a luxurious twist with black truffle and Porcini mushroom oil, showing Konjiki’s innovative approach to blending classic ramen with local Canadian touches.

In downtown Toronto, Konjiki Ramen is known for its special dishes like fresh lobster ramen and rich chicken broth. It stands out for its commitment to top-notch cooking and creative flavours.

Regular visits to Konjiki are recommended to experience the ever-evolving menu and the unique flavours that this renowned establishment has to offer.

Fun fact: this restaurant offers frozen ramen kits for those looking to enjoy their exquisite meals at home. These kits, including their popular pork belly options, allow customers to experience the rich flavours in the comfort of their own kitchens. Put all those high-tech kitchen gadgets back in the cupboard, and indulge in a simple meal of hot and steamy ramen at home!

7. Ramen Raijin

Ramen Raijin in Toronto is popular among ramen lovers for its unique dishes, like the Yuzu Shio Ramen. This ramen is known for its light yet tasty profile, with a chicken broth enhanced by yuzu’s citrus flavor, offering a new take on traditional ramen.

The restaurant offers two foundational soups. One is a tonkotsu soup. This is prepared at high temperatures in a pressure pot to extract the deepest flavours from pork bones. The other soup is a clear chicken soup that is simmered slowly under strict temperature control to achieve its pure and soothing taste.

The Yuzu Shio Ramen is a must-try for noodle lovers. It has an inviting aroma and the perfect balance of flavours.

Ramen Raijin’s dedication to quality and flavour, combined with its innovative approach to ramen, makes every visit a memorable dining experience, ensuring that each piping hot bowl is not just eaten but savoured.

… more to come!

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

In Toronto, the ramen scene is inclusive, offering an array of delectable vegetarian and vegan options. These establishments are dedicated to crafting unique, memorable flavours within their plant-based dishes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the rich tapestry of ramen cuisine.

For those opting for meat-free choices, Toronto’s eateries provide vegetarian ramen that is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a nod to creativity and culinary innovation. Traditional pork or chicken broths are expertly replaced with rich vegetable-based broths. These are often infused with ingredients like seaweed, mushrooms, or miso, creating a savory and robust foundation for the soup.

The toppings are no less impressive, featuring options like silky tofu, an array of seasonal vegetables, and crunchy bamboo shoots, each adding their unique texture and depth to the dish.

Health Benefits: Aligning with Japanese Dietary Wisdom

Embracing Toronto’s ramen culture goes beyond indulging in bowls of noodle goodness; it’s also about mindful eating and understanding the impact of our food choices on our health and wellbeing. Japanese cuisine, particularly renowned for its balanced and nutritious approach, aligns well with the principles of longevity and wellness seen in Blue Zone diets.

The vegetarian and vegan ramen options in Toronto not only cater to diverse dietary preferences but also offer a way to enjoy a meal that’s delicious and health-conscious. By incorporating plant-based dishes into our ramen experiences, we’re not only treating ourselves to culinary delights but also honouring our body’s needs for nutritious, wholesome foods. This approach mirrors the dietary habits of the longest-living people in the world, combining pleasure with health benefits.

Insider Tips for the Ultimate Ramen Experience

For the ultimate ramen experience in Toronto, knowing a few insider tips can elevate your meal from good to unforgettable.

Final thoughts

Toronto’s ramen scene is diverse, with a wide range of flavours from meaty to vegan options. Each shop brings its own flair to this popular dish, creating a rich variety of tastes. Whether you’re an experienced ramen lover or just starting, the city’s ramen offers a deep dive into Japanese culinary traditions.

We encourage you to venture out and sample the diverse offerings. Who knows? You might just discover your new favourite bowl of ramen in the bustling, flavourful streets of Toronto.


Begin your ramen adventure with a classic dish to appreciate the essence of Japanese flavors. A great choice to consider is the angus roast beef ramen – a dish that exemplifies the rich and savoury qualities of Toronto’s finest ramen offerings.

When in Rome Japan

As you savour your bowl, remember that the joy of ramen lies in the harmony of flavours and textures. Gradually mix the toppings with the broth to experience the full range of tastes the dish offers.

SLURP your noodles

It’s not just acceptable but encouraged, as it aerates the noodles and broth, enhancing the flavour.

The perfect pair

Finish your meal with a serving of matcha ice cream to cleanse your palate and round out the dining experience.

Protect your pearly whites

After a flavourful ramen meal, make sure that the spicy tan tan hasn’t left a lasting mark on your gorgeous smile. It’s not outrageous to carry a travel toothbrush with you!

Final thoughts

Toronto’s ramen scene is diverse, with a wide range of flavours from meaty to vegan options. Each shop brings its own flair to this popular dish, creating a rich variety of tastes. Whether you’re an experienced ramen lover or just starting, the city’s ramen offers a deep dive into Japanese culinary traditions.

We encourage you to venture out and sample the diverse offerings. Who knows? You might just discover your new favourite bowl of ramen in the bustling, flavourful streets of Toronto.

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