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Here’s how to track the High Park cherry blossom status 2024


Follow the progress of cherry blossoms with High Park Nature Centre’s Cherry Blossom Watch

It is incredible to think that spring is almost here. In fact, it seems like it already arrived weeks ago! And when you think of spring in Toronto, High Park’s magnificent cherry blossom display often is top of mind. Now thanks to High Park Nature Centre, you can consult a comprehensive and up to date guide on the status of the city’s popular spring attraction.

That’s right! Cherry Blossom Watch is High Park Nature Centre’s online guide for predicting peak bloom by tracking the cherry trees from bud to blossom. From what factors help us determine when peak bloom will occur to the history of cherry blossoms in High Park — Cherry Blossom Watch offers Torontonians the best resources to prepare for this popular season.

Each year, the Nature Centre brings the wonder and beauty of cherry blossoms to Torontonians by dedicating a portion of our website, social media, and staff to the High Park Cherry Blossom Watch. With the goal of aiding and enriching the cherry blossom viewing experience for all, High Park Nature Centre has created the following informative resources:

Cherry Blossom Watch:

This webpage is updated on a regular basis with photos showing the various stages of the blossom development for the season. Also included is an interactive map showing the location of all the cherry trees in High Park. Curious nature lovers can use this webpage as their primary starting point to learn more about the cherry blossom season in High Park.

Cherry Blossom Bloom Tracking:

Find out more about the general progression of cherry blossoms through the bloom development stages by visiting this webpage. Informed by historical data collected by the Nature Centre, this page also includes data visualizations showing dates of peak bloom in previous years and the close correlation between temperature and peak bloom. The Nature Centre also has a Cherry Blossom Hotline. People can dial 647-946-2547 for additional information about bloom status and predictions.

History and Horticulture:

Use this resource to learn more about the unique history of Sakura trees in High Park and Toronto and the important role played by the Japanese Canadian community in creating spaces for these trees to thrive. People can also find out more information about the selectively bred varieties of cherry blossom trees in High Park and the benefits of cherry blossom trees to the park’s wildlife and ecosystem.

Planning your visit to High Park:

During peak bloom in High Park, visitors can use this information to prepare for a pleasant, stress-free and ethical viewing experience. Cherry blossom viewing in High Park is a vehicle-free blooming experience except for TTC’s Wheel-Trans service.

In addition to useful guides for planning alternative transportation arrangements like directions from nearby TTC subway and streetcar stations, this webpage also lists environmentally and ecologically sound practices for the public.

Given the scores of visitors present in the park during this season, the Nature Centre encourages people to plan for a litter-free experience or to carry their garbage along with them in order to avoid overfilling the litter bins in the park.

High Park is a natural space that is home to many rare native plants and ecosystems. People are advised to avoid climbing or damaging the Sakura trees and to stay on existing paths and trails to avoid trampling on sensitive vegetation and compacting the soil.

intro by Terry Lankstead

images and information supplied by High Park Nature Centre

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