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Home Renovation: When is the Right Time to Hire Pest Control Expert?


Pests can make the most comfortable of homes uninhabitable. This is why you always need to keep an eye out for them. Not only are they unhygienic but they can end up ruining various parts of the home, making holes, and chewing down furniture.

While you may think you can take a stab at the extermination process on your own, calling in the experts is the smarter call. The process would likely be less damaging and much quicker that way. But when is the right time to call them? Look out for the following signs around your home for pests:

You notice damaged furniture

Notice a tear in the sofa and have no clue how it happened? Or maybe you noticed bite marks on your wooden rocking chair? Pests wouldn’t be pests if they didn’t pester you by causing some damage.

Bigger pests such as rats and raccoons tend to chew at everything they find and will leave signs around the house by damaging your property. Smaller pests such as termites also leave signs of small piles of sawdust near the area of their infestation. However, not all pests leave such signs. Ants and cockroaches also damage property but the damage isn’t so out in the open. But they tend to infest your home in flocks so can be spotted.

As soon as you notice damaged property around your home, you need to be vigilant. Pay closer attention to the area to look for an opening in the wall or other areas to see if pests easily have access to it. This can also lead you to their home within your home.

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You spot droppings

Pest droppings vary in size but once spotted in the house it’s usually a sign that you aren’t alone in your home. Rat and other rodent droppings are like pellets and not too difficult to spot. Insects such as cockroaches are much harder to notice. Their droppings are small and look similar to ground pepper.

Droppings and urine of pests are a health hazard especially if you and your family come in contact with it. You should contact a pest control expert immediately once you notice it. Since many pests carry disease which can be transmitted to humans.

You pick up on uncommon smells in certain areas of your home

Rodents are messy and unhygienic, you can usually pick up on smells from either their urine, droppings or when they die. The most familiar smell is that of a dead rat. They leave behind an unpleasant, pungent smell that the nose easily picks up. With time, the smell gets stronger and usually has people running.

Dead cockroaches on the other hand don’t leave such a strong smell but you can still sniff them out. Once dead, their body releases oleic acid which has a musty odour. Pests like rats and cockroaches are usually found either in or near the kitchen. So, if you smell anything unusual in the area be sure to contact a pest expert rather than break things down yourself in hopes to find the source.

You hear things bump during the night or day

More often than not, when you hear rustling and scratching sounds the source is a pest rather than a ghost. Pests like to hide and stay clear of the open so they aren’t easily spotted. Rodents tend to find a place in the walls, smaller pests don’t make as much noise.

Once you start to hear such noises, rather than running out of the house scared, call an exterminator to have your home inspected. The sooner you do that, the less time you give the pest to properly infest your home.

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You spot them

This one is an obvious sign. Spotting pests around the house warrants you to contact an expert to exterminate them. Now, not all pests are inside your home, many can make the area outside or around your home theirs. For example, bees and wasps will find a place outside. A spot that is easy for them to make a hive. Both are dangerous to deal with which is why you should never attempt to get rid of their nest on your own. You need a trained wasp exterminator that can ensure the colony is properly disposed of.

You should inspect your home from time to time on your own to look out for pests. For this, you just need a flashlight. Pests tend to hide in dark, congested areas so tour your home looking for such areas and shine the flashlight to see if you can either spot them or find droppings.

Spotting the pests is just the start, many homeowners attempt to take on pests themselves. While the task may seem easy at first, the process can end up in you tearing your home apart. Pests are tricky to deal with, which is why calling in the experts is the smart choice. It is better to spend a little money ensuring you get rid of the pests rather than having to spend thousands on home repair.


Pests leave numerous signs that can help you identify that you are not the sole habitant in your home. You just need to stay alert and patrol your home every once in a while looking for them. Remember that once spotted, you should let the professionals handle exterminating them. Yes, saving money trying to take on the process yourself may seem like a good idea. But if you don’t get them all, the pests will re-infest and continue to be a nuisance.

About the author

Luqman has been a pest control technician for over 20 years. He is passionate about solving people’s pest and wildlife control problems through innovative, eco-friendly and humane methods. Luqman currently works for Pestend Pest Control Toronto. He believes that pest control is a science and feels that his function in his community is very important since he helps people live in peace without causing unnecessary harm to animals. 

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