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Interior lighting tips to complement your home decoration


Are you looking for a simple but practical approach to complement your home decoration efforts? Among the overlooked yet essential part of highlighting your property’s hidden gems, set a certain mood, and strike a balance as you endeavour to express your unique taste and style is lighting. Your interior lighting can make or break your decoration progress. With the right light strategy, you can easily show off your home’s exquisite decorations without affecting any functionality. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be such a hassle; check out multilighting.ca for a range of lighting solutions to help up your home lighting and decoration. If you are looking for ways to improve your lighting efforts, here are a few tips that can set your quest on the right track.

Mix it up

There are three common lighting types, each offering a set of pros. However, as you endeavor to up your home decoration game, it would help if you mixed it up to capture that unique look and feel as each exudes a different aspect. A blend of wall-mounted lighting like cove lights, combined with ceiling-mounted options like recessed can light and portable lighting such as floor lamps, add more than functionality to a room. With a range of designs to choose from, finding a seamless blend won’t be that challenging, allowing you to up your home decoration efforts.

Consider the mood

Lighting sets the mood of a room. For instance, the calming effect comes in handy in areas such as bedrooms, allowing you to ease into sleep.  Utility areas and the kitchen are best suited by bright lighting. In contrast, dens/family/living rooms are best suited by a blend of low-level lighting to facilitate glare-free TV viewing and task lighting for working/reading concerns. While considering the moods, you can choose from the accent, general ambient, or task lighting.

Accent lighting adds a dramatic touch and comes in handy in highlighting elements such as plants or artworks. Task lighting is designed for certain concerns, such as working or reading, but the designs can also complement your decorations efforts. General ambient lighting is the common primary lighting source, usually from the ceiling, floor lamps, chandeliers, or recessed lights. Picking the best options as per a room’s primary use can help you bring the right moods to life and complement other decoration measures.

The pattern matters

The last thing you want is for your lighting features to be cluttered, making the area look disorganized. A clean pattern helps. The most favorable option is the triangle pattern, as it makes it easier to blend different lighting types without sticking out like a sore thumb. While choosing a pattern, keep the room’s mood in mind, and don’t forget the natural lighting as it also helps.

Including simple hacks such as dimmer switches can also help you achieve a lighting strategy that complements your home decoration effort. The best part is that dimmer switches and a blend of natural lighting help you lower lighting costs, not to mention extend bulbs’ life.

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