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Manchester City vs. Arsenal


Enthusiasts that like Vulkan bet on football were thrilled to witness the intense match between Manchester City and Arsenal, two of the most prominent football clubs in the English Premier League.

Manchester City emerged victorious with a 4-1 score against Arsenal in the match held at Etihad Stadium on April 26, 2023. But how did Manchester City manage to defeat league leading Arsenal in such a convincing fashion?

Why did Manchester City manage to defeat their opponent?

Manchester City’s dominant possession game, efficient finishing, individual performances, and defensive solidity were the key factors that helped them secure a convincing win against Arsenal. On the other hand, Arsenal struggled to keep up with Manchester City’s pace and failed to create any meaningful chances.

Dominant possession game

One of the key factors that helped Manchester City secure a win against Arsenal was their dominant possession game. Manchester City controlled the game from the very beginning, and Arsenal struggled to keep up with their pace.

Manchester City had 63% possession of the ball, which helped them to create more opportunities and control the pace of the game. This also made it difficult for Arsenal to mount any meaningful counter-attacks.

Efficient finishing

Another reason for Manchester City’s victory was their efficiency in finishing their attacks. Despite having a similar number of shots as Arsenal, Manchester City scored four goals, while Arsenal only managed to score one goal.

Manchester City’s attackers were clinical in front of the goal, which made it difficult for Arsenal’s defenders and goalkeeper to stop them.

Individual performances

Individual performances also played a crucial role in Manchester City’s win. Kevin De Bruyne, who was named the man of the match, was outstanding throughout the game. He created three assists, which helped Manchester City score three of their five goals. Phil Foden also put in an impressive performance, scoring two goals for Manchester City. On the other hand, Arsenal’s star striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, was unable to make an impact on the game, which ultimately cost Arsenal the match.

Defensive solidity

Manchester City’s defensive solidity was also a significant factor in their victory. They did not allow Arsenal to create any meaningful chances throughout the game. Arsenal struggled to break down Manchester City’s defense, and their attackers were unable to penetrate their opponents’ backline. Manchester City’s defenders were disciplined and focused throughout the game, which made it difficult for Arsenal to find the back of the net.


In conclusion, Manchester City’s tactical discipline and ability to press Arsenal high up the pitch disrupted their opponents’ build-up play and limited their options in the final third. This made it difficult for Arsenal to gain any momentum and put Manchester City under pressure. Overall, it was a comprehensive display from Manchester City, and they deservedly claimed all three points, almost assuring them the Premiership title unless they slip up and a now surging Arsenal with some key players back in the fold can continue their strong run as of late.

Man City are just one point clear of the Gunners with one game in hand. Had they failed to win this important head to head match with Arsenal in late April, they would still be looking up at the Gunners who had been top of the league for the entire season up to that point.

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lead photo by Cléria De Souza – Etihad Stadium, CC BY 2.0

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