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Ontario Real Estate Predictions for 2023


The housing market is always an important part of a local economy. It influences a lot of different aspects of life, and dictates how easy it is to build a home. As such, it can either help a province prosper or cause it to somewhat decline. So, it is crucial to stay on top of any new developments and appraise yourself of the current real estate trends. Especially since we could easily notice a trend of declining housing prices since the very end of 2022! Due to all this, we’ve prepared a guide on Ontario real estate predictions for 2023 to help you learn everything you need about the subject!

The dropping prices

The first thing you need to know about Ontario real estate predictions for 2023 is that prices are extremely likely to continue to fall. This is not an ultimate must-happen, of course, and sudden swings in price caused by external influences have happened in the past. However, if things continue on course, then we are definitely going to see a further dip in the prices. And this particular development is not even just limited to Ontario! Housing prices throughout Canada are continuing to decline in what is an alarming tendency for people trying to sell their properties at a profit. This at least means that concerns such as most and least expensive provinces o build a home in Canada are about to become a lot less relevant. Of course, regional differences still exist. And Ontario is, to begin with, one of the more affordable places to buy a home.

Canadian real estate market booming

The impact on homeowners

There are two very different views of the market right now. On the one hand, you have prospective home owners looking to buy a new or even their first home. For them, the situation is obviously great, and their biggest concern is finding Ontario movers to secure a reliable crew at your disposal. On the other hand, we have current home owners, who aren’t having the greatest time. First, there’s the fact that they’d bought when prices were potentially higher. Second, even though property value has gone down, the interest rates and mortgages have not. For people who were thinking about selling to recoup some of their initial home investment and then downsize, this is horrible news. If you are forced to sell, then you can reasonably expect to turn a worse profit than you were hoping. And, unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more true this becomes.

The way this influences commercial real estate builds

Obviously, the decrease in prices has a negative impact on commercial real estate investors within Ontario. The trends at the end of the previous year continue to set a grim picture for people who make a living through the building of new properties. Projects are already starting to either stall or shut down entirely as profits for investors of such ventures decline. Interestingly, there is still a ready market for the properties. This makes for an interesting scenario where people are eager to buy. And yet, the investors are reluctant to continue running their operations. It is unlikely that a stalemate will occur. But we can reasonably expect to see a decline in the number of new residential and commercial buildings. This is in direct contrast to the popularity of such ventures back when the price of properties was on the rise, and may yet have further effects.

Listings volume

Unfortunately, everything that we just described in our previous two entries for Ontario real estate predictions for 2023 comes together to cause the following: a relative shortage of listings on the market. After all, current home owners do not have the best incentives to sell. Especially since, as the centennialmoving.ca experts point out, the costs of organizing a property sale, such as moving out and item storage for your belongings, have not fallen. And with potential projects slowing down or outright dying, a brand new stock of homes for sale is also slower to appear. As such, the market is slowing down and facing a potential to decline even further. Ironically, even though any shortage would typically drive prices up, we are not really seeing this here.

moving home

Investment potential of Ontario real estate

The final thing we need to touch on with our Ontario real estate predictions for 2023 is the investment potential when it comes to individual rather than commercial investments. Is it worth investing into a new home, or a second home? Or even a home you are planning to use partly as a rental to cover costs? Well, overall, yes. This is because the prices of the homes are lower, and yet the prices of rent are actually still on the rise. This means that you can reasonably set yourself up with a nice rental if you get lucky. And by that, we mean if you can pick up a suitable property amidst the shortage that’s plaguing the market. If you keep up with the local news, you’ll learn this is particularly the case in Toronto. A nice rental here can + pay off relatively quickly with its passive income.

The future of the Ontario real estate market

As you may be able to tell from our Ontario real estate predictions for 2023, the future of the market is currently ambivalent at best. The drop in prices is extremely discouraging for sellers, and the lower house stock causes problems all round. And yet, the same factors that have resulted in fewer houses being put on the market also encourage buyers to look for homes. Especially when it comes to the potential of properties to be turned into rentals and really allow their owners to turn a profit. Now, it is a question of whether the lack of stock can somehow be made up for. And whether some external influences are going to significantly alter the situation of the market. If nothing changes and the current trends continue, we can expect Ontario’s real estate market to continue to slow down.

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