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Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20 can do everything without an app


Sweeping robots continue to innovate and develop with the aim of making cleaning life easier.

Although sweeping robots are becoming more and more powerful nowadays, realizing efficient cleaning, there are still many troubles in using them: over-reliance on cell phone APP, and bringing troubles such as cumbersome and time-consuming cell phone networking pairing, frequent disconnection, inconvenient operation on small screens, etc.

No need for an app with Redroad sweeping Robot G20

In order to solve the above problems, Redroad launches Redorad PAD Sweeping Robot G20, which is equipped with a 10.1-inch HD touch Pad on the base station, which can realize sweeping, mopping, washing and drying mopping and other functions through the Pad without the need of cell phone APP.

Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20

Compared with APP network operation, Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20 has 5 major advantages. Pairing is easier and faster, after the base station screen is connected to wifi, the pairing can be completed quickly in 3s. Setting up fixed-point sweeping on the Pad is easier and more convenient. Edit the map, set up forbidden area or customize the room name on Pad, the big screen operation is more convenient and fast; Pad can be used offline; Pad operation is convenient and intuitive, everyone can use it, not limited to cell phone APP; there is also a child lock function, preventing children from touching it by mistake is more considerate.

All-In-One Base Station

Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20 also has an all-in-one base station that provides automatic dust collection, automatic mop cleaning, automatic hot air drying, electrolysis water sterilization and automatic water replenishment. It avoids the hassle of frequent cleaning of the dust box, hand-washing of dirty mopping cloths and wet mopping cloths that stink and harbor bacteria.

PAD Sweeper G20 can be mop lifted. It can lift the mop up to 20mm, which is 60% higher than ordinary sweepers, and it is suitable for a variety of carpet materials, which can effectively avoid wetting the carpet.

Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20 cleans floors and bypasses obstacles with optimal routing

The Redroad PAD Sweeping Robot G20 is equipped with the ROS system, which enables it to clean floors and bypass obstacles with optimal routing through LDS navigation and dual-line laser obstacle avoidance with TOF along-wall technology.

Thanks to the 4000Pa suction power and rotating mop, the PAD Sweeping Robot G20 effectively cleans floors and scrubs away stubborn stains, leaving your home clean.

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