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Slot games on your computer: online and offline


Slot games are one of the most popular gambling games in the world! Almost every land-based casino has at least 100 units available for all patrons. These are designed to be easy to understand and to give quick results. Some slots have low stakes while others are for high rollers.

A version of this game can also be played on one’s desktop computer. These are often called electronic slots or video slots. They can be played with fiat using the help of money transfer services or cryptocurrencies using crypto wallets depending on what the online casino supports. There are also slot games that can be played for free, meaning no money involved, which are used for party games.

Slot games

Offline and online slot games

There are two versions of video slots and those are online and offline. Online casino slots are often playable on the browser. They run using HTML5 or JavaScript which can be played on almost every web browser on the internet.

There are also some versions that can be downloaded and installed as desktop programs or mobile applications. The only rule is that they may only be played while connected to the internet.

Offline casino games are all downloadable. They are often lighter compared to more conventional downloadable games as they need only 5 MB of storage space or less. These often run using Adobe Flash. Although Adobe has stopped supporting its Flash plugins on web browsers, one can still play the downloadable ones without such support.

Some online slot games can be played offline

This is not common but it is practised. Some casinos consider that a handful of players don’t have a reliable internet connection. They could be travelling, thus, they are prone to entering a dense forest or a tunnel during the commute. It is also common in third-world countries to have a terrible internet connection that can drop due to the weather.

The process is simple and that is to load an online browser casino game then try removing the connection. This is not applicable for all games and the casino operators don’t often indicate which ones can do this. This is due to how bad connectivity is no longer an issue that most people have to deal with due to the existence of the 5G internet.

A few examples of this kind of games include 7 Slots, Big Win Casino, and Casino Joy. The player can gamble using free spins instead of their deposit non-stop if they are playing for fun. Playing for real could be difficult since the deposit is temporarily disconnected while free spins tend to be limited.

There are no new offline-only slot games

No game developers make offline-only slot games anymore beyond 2019. There are also fewer cases of downloadable online casinos. All of the top game providers only develop slot games for web browsers. There are two reasons for this shift in the trend:

  1. First and foremost is that, as mentioned above, Adobe stopped supporting its Flash Player software. Games made using Adobe Flash can be downloaded from the website but those made using HTML5 need an internet connection.
  2. Browser-based games are more sustainable in the long term. Game providers can fix bugs without having to trouble the player by forcing them to download a patch. It also helps casino operators assist their players more effectively.

Another advantage of online casino slots is that casinos can be very creative with their offerings. Players can participate in tournaments against other players or complete their loyalty tasks to reach a new milestone. Offline slot games that you find online may no longer be supported by the developers, but they are still fun to play at home.

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