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Smooshi the Walrus gives birth to calf at Marineland in Niagara Falls


NIAGARA FALLS, ON, June 3, 2020 /CNW/ – Marineland’s walrus Smooshi delivered a baby calf at Marineland June 1. Mother walruses are fiercely protective of their offspring, making active care challenging in the early hours following a delivery. Smooshi is approximately 2,000 pounds and her newborn is about 100 pounds. Smooshi and baby appear to be doing well. Our team of marine mammal caregivers and veterinarian staff are keeping a close eye from a respectful distance, while continuing to provide round the clock care, as necessary.

Baby walrus at Marineland Canada (CNW Group.Marineland)

Walruses at Marineland each year have voluntarily engaged in natural mating behaviour. Marineland staff members do not interfere, recognizing this is a natural, seasonal behaviour for male and female walruses.

Smooshi became pregnant in early 2019. Walruses have a gestation period of fifteen to sixteen months.

Marineland consulted with walrus experts to prepare for a live birth and to provide Smooshi with the best care possible during her pregnancy.

Marineland officials say they continue to work with experts from around the world who have firsthand experience, to help ensure the best outcome for Smooshi and her calf.

While it is too early to tell, Marineland’s team is working with Smooshi and her calf and is hopeful that by working with experts who have successfully supported the development and growth of walrus calves previously, that there will be a positive outcome.

SOURCE Marineland

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