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Some cool facts about Canada and where Santa lives


Canada is one of the largest, most beautiful and sought after countries in the world. Not only is it an amazing place to visit as a tourist when on holiday, but also to live your whole life there. There’s plenty of picturesque sights to see, epic places to visit, and lovely people to meet all around the country. This is quite obvious due to the fact that Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere, second largest country in the world after Russia, being even larger than the European Union, 30% bigger than Australia, five times the size of Mexico, and over 18,000 times the size of Disney World in Orlando.

We all can expect a very large number of opportunities when staying in Canada, whether you’re looking to enjoy some time off with your mates or travelling there to study in the 80s. The country is very well known for ample natural spaces where one can go out, have a little fresh air, kick back, and relax. Another good thing to know is that Canada is the most well-educated country on the planet, with over 56% of the population coming out as graduates from prestigious universities.

Canada is home to well over half of all the lakes throughout the planet! More than three million lakes and 31,700 large lakes with such a size of more than one mile can be counted throughout the region. A couple of the world’s largest lakes can also be found within Canada. Some examples are the Great Bear Lake and the Great Slave Lake.

Toronto, Canada

The largest city in Canada is Toronto, with a population of 6.2 million residents amongst a span of 630 square kilometers. Canada is also home to the second largest french-speaking city in the world after Paris, the beautiful city of Montreal, where around 4.2 million people live.

Canada is home to a total of 120 casinos. 88 epic land based casinos, and an additional 32 which offer slots/VLTs. Canada is also home to a number of online casinos. One can also easily view the best online casino Canada has to offer. Amongst the most popular casinos in the country, one can find the Casino de Montreal, which is the biggest casino in Canada, The Casino Niagara, which is an amazing casino which is situated a few hundred meters away from the beautiful Niagara Falls.

Canada is home to a 125,000 mile long coastline, which is also known as the longest coastline in the world. If anyone were to drive amongst the whole coastline, it would take someone averaging 60 miles an hour over 83 days of non-stop driving excluding stopping for gas, resting, etc! The country also has a cross-section of over 5,330 miles, which would take a total of 106 hours worth of driving time, excluding breaks, however including stops at gas stations.

In Canada, one can even find a  near-secret hidden facility (underground lab), called SNOLAB, which is devoted to the study for astrophysics of solar neutrinos, dark matter and other weird phenomena. It can be found in Sudbury, Ontario, 2 km underground, and this is crucial because the weather conditions and the sun’s radioactivity there do not affect the process of the experiments.

If you’re not so convinced with Canadians’ kindness, hear this story out. In the 1960s, city officials from St Paul, Alberta, actually set up a special landing area for UFO’s (unidentified flying objects), within an effort to attract extra-terrestrial tourists and make them feel welcome. This is an actual true story. This shows that Canadian kindness is literally “out of this world”!

Ever heard of the northern lights? (not the weed strain..) Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this is a phenomenon that is a once in a lifetime opportunity which can be seen around very few places in the world. It is caused through solar particles that enter the earth’s atmosphere, which are attracted to the magnetic poles of the Earth. These impeccable sights are generally seen amongst the far north of Canada, however, it’s essential for the sky to be dark to be able to see them, so don’t forget that the closer you get to the north pole, the less hours of darkness you will have. You can usually see these from quite far away, depending on their intensity, which is calculated by special tools.

Speaking of the north pole, Canadians are also proud to share their homeland with the one and only Santa Claus, since the north pole is actually found in Canada! You can even send a letter to Santa on the following address; Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. Don’t be surprised when he actually answers though!

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