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The Late 2023 Review of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been out for quite some time now and players have had the ability to explore the game and to test all its mechanics. The initial buzz around the game started becoming less obvious as the game lost its momentum, regardless of the fact that there are almost four million people playing it every single day. The end-of-September release of the third DLC, and the August update has given more players a reason to start up their engines and to give Wo Long another try, but it is still far from reaching the standards of Nioh.

How Many Wo Long Games Are There?

As a name, Wo Long might sound familiar to those interested in casino games, as it resembles the popular Wu Long slot game. However, the two games have almost nothing in common, apart from the fact that they are based on Chinese culture and folklore, which, by the way, is pretty big when it comes to themed games. For example, most of the established online casinos will have dozens of China-themed slot and board games, and all one needs to do in order to play them is to find them in the game libraries and click on the play button.

Something similar applies to land-based casinos. Visiting a casino close to you can be a multicultural entertainment experience, not only because of the themed games you can play but also for all the entertainment events that regularly take place, in order to give visitors the ability to live a memorable experience, when they are taking a break from their gaming. These events can be anything from concerts to dancing performances.

But What About Wo Long the RPG?

Back to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it feels like some of the players who bought it on release are starting to get a little bit tired of the monotony of the game as Wo Long does not live up to the legacy of Nioh, at least for the time being. Team Ninja will need to work a little bit faster and release additional features, which will be a valuable addition to the three DLCs already released. If anything, Nioh is proof enough that players keep coming back to Team Ninja games, even years after the initial release of the game. If you have a hard time believing that, just start playing the first Nioh and see how many players you can find in the co-op mode of the game.

Monotony aside, the gameplay experience is still pretty good and pretty well refined, so if you are a Nioh enthusiast and you like a little bit of repetition, then Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will do the job just fine. After all, every game has its pros and cons, regardless if we are talking about consoles, computers, mobiles, or tablet devices. Just think about the number of times you played the Marobashi mission in order to level up Nioh or the Refined Man of the Underworld in order to get a level boost in Nioh 2. Wo Long’s mechanics are not very far from that. Once you have all the extra level caps from the DLCs, you can take a deep dive and work on upgrading those levels. 

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