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The Perfect Breakfast for Muscle Building


An extra portion of protein in the morning doesn’t banish sorrow or worry, but it keeps you full for a long time and is a good basis for muscle building. So you are full of energy for your next play roulette online

A protein-rich breakfast is always a good choice: whether you’re just trying to lose a few pounds or build muscle mass. Protein-rich foods, such as eggs or low-fat quark, provide the basic building blocks (amino acids) that your muscles need to grow and regenerate. Athletes therefore lay a good foundation for optimal muscle building with a healthy protein breakfast.

By the way, this study also suggests this: The researchers came to the conclusion that muscle protein biosynthesis (new formation of proteins in the muscle cells) increases significantly (by 25 percent) if you eat proteins regularly throughout the day instead of, for example, only eating a protein-rich evening meal. The test subjects who already ate a breakfast of around 30 grams in the morning had a higher muscle protein biosynthesis than the comparison group.

Furthermore, protein-rich foods heat up your metabolism, keep you full for a long time and keep your blood sugar level constant instead of making it ride a roller coaster. So you can easily make it to lunch without cravings.

The Best Protein Breakfast Recipes

Combine high-quality proteins in the morning with complex carbohydrates, for example from wholemeal bread or oatmeal. The reason: Your energy stores, which have emptied overnight, need to be replenished. So much for the theory, but what does a varied protein breakfast look like in practice?

1. Protein breakfast: protein pancakes

Protein pancakes have several unbeatable advantages: they are quick and easy to make, customizable and of course super delicious. While normal pancakes are rather unsuitable for athletes due to the ingredients, you can enjoy protein pancakes without regret, because sugar and flour are replaced here (in most cases) by protein powder, low-fat curd, bananas and other healthy ingredients. This does not detract from the taste, by the way. Want a taste?

You have two left hands in the kitchen? Then you can of course also reach for a ready-made protein pancake mix. These are now available from numerous suppliers. This saves you time and you have less work. But there are also disadvantages: The ready-made mixes are relatively expensive and it’s not uncommon to find flavors and sweeteners in the ingredient list.

2. Low-fat protein bomb: low-fat quark or skyr.

With around 12 grams of protein per 100 grams, low-fat quark and skyr provide plenty of high-quality protein. The two dairy products are also low in calories and fat and uncomparable cheap. 

By the way, the protein contained is casein. Casein is a protein that provides your body (and your muscles) with long-lasting amino acids. It is ideal if your goal is to lose a few kilos. Because casein has a high saturation effect. Treat yourself to a casein protein shake from time to time as a healthy and satisfying snack.

The only catch: spooned pure, low-fat quark is pretty dull, so fruit quark for breakfast is a good alternative. Sweeten it with honey and garnish it with nuts, seeds and fruit of your choice. A fruit curd according to your preferences is quickly made and can be varied again and again by changing the fruit or nut varieties. 

3. Full of protein: scrambled eggs and omelettes

Eggs are not only first-class protein suppliers, but thanks to their versatility also perfect for a varied protein breakfast: From the classic fried egg, to scrambled eggs to the stuffed omelet – recipes for delicious egg dishes that even novice cooks can manage, there are plenty.

You can also combine vegetables or cheese with the egg: For example, scrambled eggs taste even better when you add diced tomatoes and onions to the pan. Or fill your omelet with mushrooms and feta. Or very simple: cook 2 eggs and eat them plain. The ideal accompaniment: a slice of wholemeal bread spread with butter, cottage cheese or cream cheese. By the way, wholemeal bread also goes perfectly with scrambled or fried eggs and provides long-chain carbohydrates for constant energy.

4. Breakfast for athletes: protein porridge

Porridge – or more simply, oatmeal – is the perfect fitness breakfast because the oatmeal provides you with plenty of energy from long-chain carbohydrates. The fiber it contains also stimulates digestion, provides long-lasting satiety and, according to studies, reduces the risk of numerous diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Tip: With a little trick, you can turn any oatmeal into a protein porridge: Just add a spoonful of protein powder. Chocolate or vanilla always fit, but you can also try crazier flavors depending on your taste.

With additional toppings, such as fruit, nuts and seeds, you not only enhance the taste of your protein porridge, but also give it an extra vitamin and mineral kick. 

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