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Tim Hortons rolls out almond beverage and skim milk options across Canada


TORONTO, June 25, 2020 /CNW/ – After years of Canadian patrons looking longingly and requesting non-dairy and lower fat options for their hot and cold double doubles and Iced Capps , Tim Hortons has listened. Today, the coffee and doughnut giant announced it will be providing more choice now offering almond beverage and 100% Canadian skim milk in restaurants across Canada for guests to enjoy in their coffees, iced coffees, Iced Capps, teas and other hot beverages.

“We heard feedback from many guests who said they wanted to enjoy our beverages with a non-dairy alternative.,” reads the company’s statement. “Based on guest research, we found Tim Hortons guests who requested a non-dairy alternative would opt for almond beverage more than other alternatives.”

“In addition to adding almond beverage, we’re also responding to feedback by now offering skim milk to our guests,” said Chief Marketing Officer Hope Bagozzi.

“Hearing and acting on guest feedback is really important to help us provide the best possible experience. We’re happy to be offering more choices to guests.”

Tim Hortons is partnering with Danone to have its Silk® Almond Beverage made available to restaurants and guests.

“We know that many Canadians have a growing desire for plant-based products, both for the nutritional benefits and delicious taste. Silk® Almond Beverage clearly meets this need. In addition to its great taste, is free from dairy, lactose, soy and gluten, plus it provides a number of essential nutrients,” said Jeremy Oxley, Danone Vice President – Marketing, Strategy and Insights.

Tim Hortons says there will be no additional cost to add skim milk to any beverage, or for almond beverage to be added to brewed or iced coffee and hot teas. Prices will vary by region when almond beverage is added to espresso-based beverages, tea lattes, or frozen beverages like Iced Capps.

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