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Toronto is getting a drive-thru food truck market


TORONTO, ON., June 11, 2020 — Just in time for Father’s Day, now that Ontario has given the green light to street vendors, and food trucks, a unique drive-thru food truck market will pull up to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s north parking lot next weekend.

Street Eats Market is serving food truck enthusiasts on June 19 and 20 from 12 noon to 8 pm. Guests are asked to pre-order online beginning June 15 and schedule pickups to keep things moving quicker over the weekend.


This tasty event will feature some of Toronto’s favourite mobile eateries including Meltwich, The Holy Grill, Eva’s Original Chimneys, Jerk Brothers, Beaver Tails, Choco Churros, Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon, and many more.

How it all works

Patrons place orders online along with entering their license plate numbers and choosing from a convenient 15-minute pickup time slot.

During the event patrons drive to their assigned lane number which will be visible on their order receipt and then their orders will be placed on high tables beside vehicles to be retrieved.


From there, guests can head to the nearest exit and find a spot to enjoy their grub. Eating on the premises is not currently permitted by public health, organizers say, and gatherings or tailgating won’t be allowed.

Street Eats Market also features a charitable fundraising element with 100% of donations will go to Baycrest Hospital on behalf of Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Street Eats Market.

Also, if you didn;t get your food truck fill in Toronto, future Street Eats Market events are in the works at the moment for Kitchener, Newmarket and Oshawa with even more locations in the works.

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