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Toronto’s Top 26 Neighbourhood Walk-In Clinics


Navigating healthcare options can be overwhelming, but in a bustling metropolis like Toronto, access to quality medical care is essential. Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods are home to numerous top-notch walk-in clinics, each offering unique services and specialties tailored to the needs of its residents. From downtown hotspots like Queen West and Yonge & Dundas to suburban areas like North York and Scarborough, there are exceptional walk-in clinics across the city providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare services. Let’s explore some of Toronto’s top walk-in clinics broken down by neighbourhood, highlighting their strengths and specialties to help you make informed healthcare decisions.


Downtown Doctors on Spadina 

Located in the heart of the Annex, Downtown Doctors on Spadina is your go-to destination for everything from STD testing to minor emergencies. Equipped with an on-site lab for swift testing results, this clinic offers services in both English and Spanish. Open Monday to Friday, appointments can now be easily scheduled over the phone.  https://www.torontocentralhealthline.ca/displayservice.aspx?id=133728


Roll Care Medical Services

Conveniently situated near Bloor and Lansdowne, Roll Care Medical Services provides a weekday walk-in service along with Telehealth consults via phone and video. With an in-house pharmacy, they’ve got you covered for any prescription needs that may arise. https://bloorwalkinclinic.ca/about-bloor-walk-in-clinic/


Cadence Health Centre 

For comprehensive women’s health services, laboratory testing, and specialized clinics, Cadence Health Centre in Chinatown has you covered. Offering in-person walk-ins and virtual appointments Monday through Saturday, booking ahead is a must for personalized care. https://medimap.ca/clinics/walk-in-clinics/on/toronto/cadence-health-centre

Church-Wellesley Village 

Carlton & Church Medical & Walk-In Clinic 

Located within the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, Carlton & Church Medical & Walk-In Clinic caters to all seven days a week. From casting to travel medicine, their array of services ensures you’re covered, with current walk-ins by phone appointment only.  www.primacy.ca/locations/carlton-and-church/


Albany Clinic 

Open seven days a week, Albany Clinic on the Danforth offers family medicine and virtual walk-in appointments, ensuring you receive timely care when you need it most. https://www.albanyclinic.ca/walk-in-clinic/walk-in-clinic-key-info/

Danforth East 

Danforth Greenwood Walk-In Clinic 

Danforth Greenwood Walk-In Clinic is your one-stop destination for primary care, including flu shots, urgent care, and diagnostic testing. Whether in-person or virtual, their team is ready to address your healthcare needs with efficiency and expertise. https://danforthwalkinclinic.com/

Eglinton West 

Watson Medical’s Virtual Walk-In Clinic 

With virtual consultations available Monday through Saturday, Watson Medical’s Virtual Walk-In Clinic on Eglinton West offers convenient access to care for both adults and children. Plus, on-site flu shots ensure you’re prepared for the season ahead. https://www.watsonmedicalclinic.ca/


Cloverdale Walk-in and Pharmacy 

Cloverdale Walk-in and Pharmacy in Etobicoke provides weekday service with an on-site pharmacy for seamless prescription filling. Offering virtual appointments for added convenience, they’re your trusted partner for minor injuries and illnesses. https://www.enhancedcare.ca/appointments-new/

Financial District 

Patient Networks’ Walk-In Clinic

Conveniently located near the Eaton Centre, it offers a wait time indicator on their website for hassle-free planning. Whether by phone or in-person, their consultations ensure prompt attention to your healthcare needs. https://www.patientnetworks.ca/SitePages/Default.aspx


Health One Toronto 

For non-life-threatening urgent care needs, Health One Toronto at Harbourfront provides virtual appointments Monday through Saturday. With virtual consultations as the first step, they ensure efficient scheduling for in-person visits when necessary. https://healthone.ca/choose-your-location/

High Park 

High Park Medical Clinic

High Park Medical Clinic offers extended hours Monday to Friday, with over-the-phone consultations for walk-in appointments. Plus, flu vaccinations are available by appointment, ensuring you stay protected year-round. https://on.skipthewaitingroom.com/walk-in-clinic/toronto/high-park-medical-clinic/high-park-medical-clinic 


Enhanced Care Medical Clinic

Enhanced Care Medical Clinic in the Junction offers both weekday and weekend appointments, with virtual consultations to streamline your healthcare experience. Book online or by phone for personalized care at your convenience. https://www.enhancedcare.ca/shw_services/walk-in/

Kensington Market  

College Care Medical Walk-in Clinic 

College Care Medical Walk-in Clinic in Kensington Market caters to minor illnesses and injuries, offering service in multiple languages for all ages. Now offering free phone consultations, they ensure accessible care for all. https://www.collegemedicalcare.ca/

Liberty Village 

GSH Medical Liberty Village 

GSH Medical Liberty Village stands ready to serve all ages with weekday and weekend availability. With an on-site lab for rapid test results, their virtual appointments ensure timely and thorough care. https://www.gshclinics.com/walk-in

Mount Pleasant 

Mission Urgent Care, situated in Mount Pleasant at 520 N Mission St, is an urgent care center serving the community. However, based on patient feedback, Mission Urgent Care has received an average rating of 1.7 stars out of 5 for patient experiences. On a national scale, urgent care patients typically wait an average of 15-30 minutes before being seen by a healthcare provider. This wait time expectation is likely similar at Mission Urgent Care. Mission Urgent Care – https://www.solvhealth.com/mission-urgent-care-mount-pleasant-mi-AMVvVp?reasonForVisit=Walk-in%20clinic

Moss Park 

Dalhousie Medical Care 

Dalhousie Medical Care in Moss Park offers same-day walk-in appointments and virtual consultations with both female and male doctors. Situated centrally downtown and near the Eaton Centre, it’s a convenient option for those in need of prompt medical attention. https://www.dalhousiemedicalcare.ca/

North York

Health One Medical Centre 

Health One Medical Centre in North York is a comprehensive healthcare facility offering services like family medicine, walk-in clinics, cardiology, dental care, orthotics, and physical rehabilitation. Their website provides real-time estimates for walk-in wait times, and they offer both in-person and virtual appointments. https://healthone.ca/


HealthCare Plus Medical Centre 

HealthCare Plus Medical Centre in Parkdale boasts extended hours and walk-in services available seven days a week. While they are not currently accepting in-person walk-ins, they do offer virtual appointments covered by OHIP over the phone for added accessibility. https://healthcareplus.ca/

Queen West 

Queen Spadina Medical Centre 

Open six days a week, Queen Spadina Medical Centre in Queen West provides a wide range of healthcare services. Although they are not accepting in-person walk-ins currently, you can schedule a phone consultation through their website.  https://qsmc.ca/


Town Care Medical 

Town Care Medical Walk-in Clinic in Scarborough offers diverse medical services including pediatric care, STI testing, vaccinations, and travel medicine. They are open seven days a week with extended hours on weekdays and are currently accepting both in-person and phone consultations. https://townclinic.ca/contact/

South Core 

Infinity Health Centre 

Infinity Health Centre in the South Core area allows you to book walk-in appointments in advance to minimize wait times. Operating seven days a week, they offer virtual, or in-person consultations based on your preference. https://infinityhealthcentre.com/

Thorncliffe Park 

 East York Medical Health Centre 

East York Medical Health Centre in Thorncliffe Park caters to patients in multiple languages and offers virtual walk-in appointments over the phone. They are open until 8 p.m. on certain weekdays and on weekends. https://www.torontocentralhealthline.ca/displayService.aspx?id=120218

Yonge & College 

Bay College Clinic 

Located at Yonge & College, the walk-in has a long-standing history of over 70 years in the community. They offer comprehensive diagnostic testing and have specialists on staff. Patients can opt for walk-in or virtual appointments for added flexibility. https://lockwoodclinic.com/walk-in-clinic/

Yonge & Dundas 

Cloud Care Clinic 

Conveniently situated in the heart of downtown Yonge & Dundas, Cloud Care Clinic offers services ranging from minor surgery to dermatology. While currently only accepting virtual appointments, they can schedule in-person visits as needed after initial consultations. https://cloudcareclinics.ca/

Yonge and Eglinton 

Eglinton Station Medical Centre 

Eglinton Station Medical Centre near Yonge and Eglinton provides solutions for various medical conditions through virtual phone appointments that can be booked online. In-person clinic walk-ins are not available now. https://www.eglintonstationmedical.ca/

Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods are well-served by top-notch walk-in clinics that prioritize accessibility, quality care, and patient satisfaction. Whether you’re in downtown areas like Queen West and Yonge & Dundas or suburban regions like North York and Scarborough, there are exceptional clinics offering a range of medical services to meet your needs. From extended hours and virtual appointments to specialized care and multilingual services, these clinics reflect Toronto’s commitment to providing excellent healthcare options for residents across the city. By leveraging the strengths of these clinics in different neighborhoods, individuals and families can access timely and comprehensive medical care when they need it most, contributing to a healthier and happier community overall.

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