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Valuable life lessons kids can learn from pets


Pets have been a part of human civilization for centuries, acting as companions, guardians, and helpers. In fact, recent statistics have revealed that Canadian households with kids have more pets than households without kids.

In addition to providing their owners unconditional love and affection, pets can teach us valuable lessons, especially children. When a child grows up around a pet, they form a special bond with their four-legged best friend and pick up on certain habits that teach them about responsibility, loyalty, trust, patience, and empathy.

If you’re considering adding a pet to your family, consider delegating some responsibilities to your child if they are capable. You might notice the following life lessons unfold when your kids are exposed to a furry companion. 


Loyalty comes in many forms, including loyalty to others, your country, principles, or yourself. However, loyalty is an abstract concept for many children. But the good news is most pets, especially dogs, are known for their loyalty to their owners. When your child notices a pet’s loyalty over the years, they can learn how loyalty can be a positive trait and how it can be reciprocated. This lesson can help children understand how important it is to be loyal and trustworthy in their relationships. 

Your pet may show loyalty by standing around you when you take them out, indicating they appreciate you by sitting near you at home or following you around. When children notice these traits, they may understand the value of loyalty to those around them.


Taking care of a pet requires a significant amount of responsibility, and when you involve your kids in the process, they can learn about feeding, cleaning, grooming, and playing with their pets. This responsibility can teach them how to care for another living being and the importance of following a routine.

Demonstrating the value of routine mealtimes is a great way to teach your kids the importance of following a routine and leading a healthy lifestyle. When your kids notice that you feed your pet food with wholesome ingredients promptly, your kids may want to follow a similar routine. For example, Bold By Nature creates recipes that keep a pet healthy and thriving. Bold by Nature recommends two meals per day to offer a consistent feeding structure for your pet.

As your kids get familiar with your pet’s routine, they may also want to follow in their footsteps and embrace a daily routine. And the good news for you is, no more fuss when feeding the kids!


Just like humans, pets need attention and love and offer the same to humans and other pets around them. Spending time with pets can teach your kids how to be empathetic and treat animals with kindness. Your kids may start to wonder what it would be like to be a cat or dog, unable to communicate their feelings, and this can help your kids understand empathy. This involves learning to recognize and respect the feelings of another living being.

Another way animals teach kids empathy is through the aging process. It can be challenging for kids to witness their pets growing older or lose them, but it also shows them that aging is a natural part of life. Kids can learn valuable lessons about what aging looks like and may learn how to be more sympathetic towards animals during this time. However, it’s essential that, as a parent, you know the proper ways to explain pet death to kids to avoid confusion.

Pets can teach children many valuable life lessons, but loyalty, responsibility, and empathy are the most important. These lessons can help children become more well-rounded individuals and better equipped to handle life’s challenges. Children can learn to appreciate and cherish their relationship with their furry companions by providing a loving and nurturing environment for their pets.

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