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What Sport Is the Best to Play in College?


College and University experience does not boil down to assignments and academic achievements. Expanding on your extra-curricular interests is a great way to make your uni life more well-rounded. And if you’re into sports, you’re in luck here. Colleges and universities offer plenty of different sports to pursue, both as a part of the college teams or as a personal exercise of choice. 

At the same time, you have to understand that sports require a certain level of commitment that is different from a book club, for example. Thus, your choice to pursue a particular sport has to be well thought out to be enjoyable. Luckily, here you can look at some suggestions. So you can see what suits you best and can become a part of the best memories from uni.   


It is no surprise that football is one of the top sports in the US. If you’re a football fan, you’ve probably been playing since high school. Thus, there is no question about what sport is the best for you. With proper former training and genuine interest, you have a fair chance of making the college football team.  

Moreover, joining your college team gives you many benefits. Apart from very likely popularity among your peers, playing football for your uni earns you extra credits. If you’re diligent and hardworking in your training, even teachers will treat you differently. Maybe, you can even skip one or two boring lectures before the game. 

So, you end up in a win-win situation for your academic and social life. But it is only true if you put in the effort. Do not hesitate to entrust some of your assignments to write my college paper as you have to devote almost daily hours to practice. Thus, you would not have to juggle all the responsibilities and end up with the best college years memories in the end.   

Track and Field 

Another popular and accessible sport to consider is track and field. As well as football, this one is probably already familiar to you from high school. It is a great option to combine a full-body workout and a college sports experience. Moreover, since track and field include running, throwing, and jumping, you do not have to invest in fancy gear.

The only thing you need here is your sheer will and enthusiasm. Notably, this is the very reason for having strict and hard trials to join track and field in college. You would need to show the same diligence and persistence as you do in your exams to make the cut. But as well as with your academic pursuits, the hard work would be worth it in the long run.

Apart from training your endurance and motor skills, track and field help to develop coordination and discipline. Not speaking about never struggling to walk up the stairs in your dorm.


If you’re into team sports but looking for something less aggressive in competition, consider looking into volleyball. Even though it still has a high level of competitiveness, as any sport does, it is not as intimidating as football or track and field. Volleyball has a reputation as some sort of vacation sport. Thus, it can feel more chill and friendly. 

Moreover, volleyball has subcategories to choose from. 

  • International volleyball is the most common type, with six players. It is usually played in sports arenas. 
  • Beach volleyball. The name here speaks for itself. You have similar rules but only two players and a different location. Thus, a different environment to work in when playing.
  • Wallyball is a version of traditional volleyball but with some additional rules. For example, if the ball has touched the ceiling or walls when thrown at the opponent team, the hit does not count. 

Thus, if that sounds like your thing, find out what your college can offer from volleyball and choose what suits best for you.  


If you’re looking into more traditional sports with a rich history, fencing might be just for you. Rooted in European duel tradition, it is also considered to be a prestigious sport. Ivy League colleges usually propose fencing classes. Thus, if you set your sights on these colleges, consider looking into pursuing this unique sport.

Plus, it is a great way to combine your love of history and sports. And if you prefer a more individualistic approach, fencing is a win for you. Even though you might need to have previous formal training, you would gain a great benefit. Besides, being handy with a sword is a great conversation starter.  


Another sport that is associated with Ivy League colleges is the crew. Unlike fencing, it requires you to be a teammate. You literally have to work at the same pace and in the same direction. Otherwise, you’re not only endangering the victory but making your team fall into the river. 

Nonetheless, the crew is an exciting opportunity to participate in another sport with a rich history. Even though it does not look like much, the crew requires a lot of physical strength and endurance. You have to work with your team closely and develop being in sync all the time. So, you’re likely to build life-lasting connections. 


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If you do not like being a part of a team, tennis is just a sport for you. During your training, you can focus on yourself and your body. There is no dependency on others or caring for responsibility for teamwork. Your achievements rely only on your skill and hard work. Thus, it is a perfect match for highly individualistic people. 

In addition, tennis is very beginner friendly. You do not need previous training to start playing. Unlike professionals at top assignment services who need lots of experience and knowledge, you can start your tennis journey out of mere curiosity. But if you practice it consistently and put in the effort, you can even get to a professional level.     

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. If you’re wondering what sport is the best to play in college, consider looking into the most popular options, such as football or track and field. Notably, those sports are highly competitive, so you might want to turn to volleyball for a less intimidating experience. And if you want to pursue something classic and traditional, crew, fencing, and tennis might be the right match. 

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