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Where To Buy Coffee Pods: All You Need To Know


Coffee pods have been gaining fast popularity in the coffee market. With a wealth of coffee brands such as Invigo making pods and capsules catering for numerous coffee machines, consumers are faced with an array of flavour options to choose from, all of which are structured to suit the discerning coffee palette.

There are two types of coffee pods found in the market:

  • Soft pods

These are designed for a single cup of coffee and are normally packed in soft sachet-like silk packets for maximum freshness. They normally contain fewer flavours than hard pods but offer considerable coffee experience. Soft pods can be purchased at local stores and are adaptable to Senseo coffee machines.

  • Hard pods

These are compatible with most automatic machines making the process of espresso making a breeze at the comfort of your home. Hard pods offer the café experience to the consumer as they can produce premium espresso at the right bar range.

Coffee pods provide single or double shots, depending on the preference of the consumer. With coffee pods, consumers do not have to manually consider the number of coffee roast spoons to place in the coffee maker, but sit back and enjoy the maximum flavour in a single serving.

Most pod machines are also characterized only to fit their branded coffee pods. For instance, Nespresso pods will be compatible with Nespresso pod machines, and the same goes for Tassimo and Keurig. However, many coffee pods are sold with compatibility to most espresso machines. The consumer should carefully select the brand they choose to enjoy keeping in mind their particular tastes and flavours. For instance, for sweet-tasting coffee palettes, one can opt for versatile brands such as Tassimo who offer varieties in such.

How coffee pods work

With the convenience of delivering good coffee in minutes, preparing a cup of coffee using coffee pods is simple and easy.

Coffee pods come with filters and are sealed with foil for extra freshness. As most machines have inbuilt filters, add clean water into the reservoir and allow the machine to heat it. Next, insert the pod flavour you would like to brew and press the button to start the brewing process. Take a mug and place it in the drip tray to capture the final product.

Where do I buy coffee pods?

Purchasing coffee pods has been made easier by the availability of different companies with unique and flavoured products. Most Canadian grocery chains carry a wide variety of pods and flavours or you can order online.

  • Invigo Coffee

With five different coffee options to choose from, Invigo offers different flavours ranging from Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla and more.

  • Nespresso

Nespresso is one of the most popular and acclaimed brands in the coffee industry. The wide variety in flavours of the Nespresso line are offering quality in every sip. Nespresso offers the Nespresso Arpeggio which has a full, rich taste complete with perfect degrees of acidity and roasts along with bold cocoa notes. The Nespresso Altissio Espresso is for espresso and cappuccino cravings, and the Nespresso Master origin assortment is best for beginners due to their different roasts and intensities.

  • Nescafe

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee offers the Latte Macchiato, Skinny Cappuccino, Americano, Cappuccino, Café Au Lait, among others. You can find the array of Nescafe coffee pods on Amazon packaged for consumers with a creamy, rich coffee palette.

  • L’or Espresso Supremo

These are premium aluminium coffee pods compatible with your espresso machine. The flavours which consist of espresso, lungos, ristretto and decaf offer the best in luxury coffee.

  • Pact Coffee

With four different flavours ranging from light to dark roast from Colombia, Brazil and Rwanda, Pact Coffee offers the aluminium pod in an effort towards environmental sustainability.

  • Dualit

This coffee boasts a velvety, creamy malt finish. It is sweet to the taste and comprises of cornstarch material used to produce the entire capsule/pod. This is biodegradable offering maximum benefits to the environment.

Above are just a few well-known coffee brands with standard coffee pods. However, consumers can also access Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, among numerous other sites to choose a lot more brands with varied strengths, roasts and intensities. For guidance and great deals, coffee enthusiasts also can consult coffee of the month club reviews offering a guide to numerous coffee subscription services. Most of these stores offer free same-day delivery and have seasonal sales and discounts on selected flavours. It is best to test different coffee palettes to identify the one which you are comfortable with.

Coffee pods make exceptional coffee as they offer the consumer the choice to make their rich blend using freshly ground beans from their favourite brands. There are also various coffee pods available in the market which range from organic, decaf, flavoured, regular among others. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to determine their needs and tailor them accordingly based on the brand’s flavours.

For more eco-friendly coffee options, consumers can opt for either:

  • Aluminium: These need to be emptied before recycling
  • Compostable: need to be commercially recycled in a food collection bin
  • Reusable stainless steel: Can be continuously filled with ground coffee, therefore, lasting for years.

Coffee pod machines

Individualized coffee pods ensure the consumer gets the maximum possible benefits for their personal coffee needs. For instance, one can brew a simple single-serve brew or a complex brew tailored to their specifications.

Coffee pod machines need to be washed regularly with soap and water to maintain the original taste of freshly brewed coffee. Running vinegar every few months also assists in taking care of your coffee pod machine.

You can skim through available coffee pod machines to identify the right fit for you. Be sure to identify reusable filters, additional cup sizes or milk frothers for extra added capabilities.

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