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9 Features to Look for in Dating Websites and Apps


Finding love has never been a walk in the park, but with online dating, the race for romance has become a bit easier. Thanks to social media, dating apps, and websites, dating has never been easier or more convenient! Although online dating has made finding love easier, it can still be a bit tricky to navigate as a newcomer. To help you, here’s a list of nine things to be on the lookout for in a dating platform to be one click closer to finding love in no time!

1. Lots of users

The first thing any good dating website or app needs is a wide selection of users. If you’re new to the dating scene this article at Dallasnews.com can help get you started. To find the right person, you have to be like a fisherman. Go to the dating pool where the fish are bountiful and you’ll have a better chance of finding love!

2. The specific niche you’re looking for

Sometimes, the best dating apps don’t cater to a wider audience. If you have a specific partner in mind you might have more luck finding them on smaller, more specific platforms. Whether you’re a top looking for a bottom, a young woman looking for a rich man, or something more traditional. There’s a dating app or website out there to cater to any like, preference, or orientation.

3. Ability to present yourself the way you want

Every good dating platform should allow you the freedom to express yourself. Dating platforms use profile photos, bios, interests, and current favourite songs to display their users. To find the right dating platform, look for ones that allow you to present yourself the way you want. Put your best foot forward when finding love online, and look for platforms that encourage that.

4. Good design

It’s hard enough navigating the world of online dating without having to figure out how the platform works. Look for platforms with good web design that are intuitive and have everything you need a short, convenient click away. If your platform is bogged down with too many ads, looks confusing, and is difficult to use, go elsewhere!

5. Customizable options

Being able to tailor your experience is an important aspect of online dating. You want to be able to use the platform in a way that makes sense for you and allows you to find people you’re interested in. From the look of your profile to the people, you’re shown to the users that pop up. Look for platforms that give you some choice in your dating experience. 

6. Icebreakers 

Making the first move and building up the courage to talk to someone for the first time can be tough. Every good dating platform has fun ways that make that initial step a little easier. From fun interactive games to answering questions about each other and swapping memes. There are plenty of ways to start talking to someone so look for platforms that make making your move easier!

7. Fun interaction

For most people simply messaging online can be a bit tricky to navigate. Most good dating platforms give their users different options to keep things interesting. From messaging to video chat to calls, look for platforms that give you the option. From fun games to sending gifts, choose a platform that has your preferred mode of communication to keep things interesting.

8. Good customer service

Like with any product, your online dating site should have good customer service. Whether you’re struggling to set up your profile, need help with navigation, or need to get rid of someone, good customer service is a must. Look at reviews of platforms to get a better idea and don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to customer service!

9. A unique edge

Last but not least, when choosing a dating platform, look for that little something extra! Whether it be a fun way to present yourself, choose a suitor, or interact with people, each platform offers something unique. To make the most of your experience, go for the platform that makes online dating fun, exciting, and more interesting!

So there you have it! When looking for a dating site, go where the people are or go where your people are. Go for platforms that give you the freedom to express yourself that are customizable and easy to use. Look for good icebreakers, fun ways to interact, and, last but not least, look for good customer service and a unique edge that will make your experience that much more fun! Keep these 9 things in mind and good luck out there! 

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