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Alligator in Brampton pond turns out to be a Canadian emblem


BRAMPTON, ON., May 2, 2020– Last night what was initially reported as a dangerous man-eating predator, turned out to be one of Canada’s national symbols.

What was thought to be an American alligator spotted in a Brampton pond, turned out to be a Canadian beaver.

On May 1, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. Peel Regional Police were called to Damatta Park in Brampton to investigate a report by a local resident who had seen a large animal, “possibly an alligator,” swimming in a drainage pond within the park.


Officers attended and checked the area as well as closed off the park. The plan was to conduct a thorough search during daylight hours.They also called in Animal Control from the City of Brampton to assist.

Numerous cheeky and humorous comments ensued after the police posted on Twitter about the possible alligator sighting.

“If you don’t find it later perhaps you’ll find it in a while,” said Alan Drummond.

While Toronto Sun columnist, Joe Warmington advised, “Make sure you practice physical distancing on this call.”

GTA residents really jumped on board with the jokes and it seemed the police were enjoying the light-hearted banter during these dark times of isolation and distancing. One of the funnier comments came from Rino Palumbo who said “It may be wearing a mask and up to no good! If so, “Peel” it off once it’s captured. That gator may turn out to be a “Crookodile”

There were numerous references to physical distancing and self-isolating. Stephen Cwalinski suggests, “It’s unlikely that the Police or Animal Control will find the alligator. It probably came from the Southern United States, meaning it’s self isolating for 14 days. After that, it will be Snout & About.”

So, in the end, after GTA media jumped all over the story of a possible reptilian predator taking a swim in Brampton, it was determined to be none other than one of Canada’s national symbols.

Video of the animal had been posted on social media. This video was viewed by members of Brampton Animal Service and the animal was determined to be our great Canadian Beaver and not an alligator at all.

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