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Best coffee shops in Toronto (West End)


Best coffees in Toronto (West End)-  indie coffee shops are booming all over the city and it’s time to take a leisurely Coffee Walk through Toronto’s west end Best coffees in Toronto (West End). This macchiato-sized list is just a small taste of the many and varied shops in our city’s caffeine scene, but they’re all worth a try. These coffee shops are in no particular order and are the Best coffees in Toronto (West End).

Louie Craft Coffee – 1187 King Street West

Coffee walkin’ Liberty Village
TO carpet factory long shot

Louie Craft Coffee is a great spot to grab a coffee and just sit and take in the cool, old building vibe (it’s located in the old Toronto Carpet Factory building). It’s also definitely worth it to take that coffee to go and walk around Liberty Village. Yes, the neighbourhood is expanding and developing like crazy but luckily there is a lot of retrofitting and restoration of said cool old buildings going on within this particular bout of gentrification.

 Capital Espresso – 1349 Queen Street West

In the heart of Parkdale stop into Capital Espresso for a smooth coffee and watch as neighbourhood comes in and out. It’s constantly movin’ and groovin’, no matter what the weather, and has a great local feel without you having to be a local.

The Tampered Press – 256 Crawford Street

The Tampered Press

On the back end of Trinity Bellwoods Park is an easy, cozy coffee place where you can sit in peace at community tables, benches, and bars. Staff are laid-back and friendly and give off a no-pressure vibe. A good place to take a load off on a quiet part of Dundas west.

Cygnet Coffee – 1691 Dundas Street West

Cygnet Latte

A small coffee shop is used to locals popping in and out over the course of the day. The vibe is relaxed and casual, and that also goes for this part of the neighbourhood; it’s a quiet, residential kind of area just before the curve north to meet up with Roncesvalles. It’s like Dundas knows it’s going to end soon and just wants to take it easy.

 The Good Neighbour – 238 Annette Street 

Good neighbour store front
Good neighbour overlooking inside

This part of The Junction quiet, peaceful and almost sub-urban in its style, and The Good Neighbour fits in perfectly. It has a cozy, home-like vibe (complete with a fireplace) and is a good place for catching up with friends, or even just taking a break from city life.

 Krave Coffee – 781 St. Clair West

Krave and Ideal Coffee – cute Cortado and giant latte

In a cool, old building (COB, from now on) Krave Coffee is inviting, eclectic and homey. It’s a neighbourhood fave with an easy going vibe. Grab a giant latte or a cute Cortado and enjoy the easy going pace far from the bustle of mid- or downtown.

Ideal Coffee – 162 Ossington Avenue

This strip of Ossington has changed A LOT in the past few years, but it still hasn’t lost the true Toronto neighbourhood vibe it’s always had. Ideal Coffee is low-key and chill, a no pressure kinda place that fits into this area perfectly.

By Tanya PaoliTotimes.ca

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Top 10 Toronto Coffee Shops for east-enders

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