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10 Best Toronto Coffee Shops (East-end edition)


Toronto has a thriving indie coffee shop scene and since the weather ain’t so bad (yet). For those who prefer to go out for coffee or don’t know how to work a Keurig, it’s time to bundle up, grab a cup and check out these Top 10 coffee shop East End neighbourhood faves. These loved coffee hangouts are in no special order – They all deserve a visit.

Sumach Espresso – 118 Sumach St.

Sumach Espresso- 118 Sumach St

A welcome addition in the midst of the Regent Park Revitalization. It’s the sister shop to neighbourhood favourite Broadview Espresso at Broadview and Danforth. Coffee is served up by friendly baristas who are both laid back and super-fast. You can sit and chat awhile; it’s that neighbourhood feel even when you’re not from the neighbourhood!

Pilot Coffee Roasters – 50 Wagstaff Dr.

Pilot Coffee Roasters perfectly poured java
Pilot Coffee Roasters barista magic
Pilot Coffee Roasters inventory of coffee
Pilot Coffee Roasters entrance

Ok, this coffee shop is off the beaten path, so to speak. It’s the main headquarters of one of the most popular Toronto-based roasters, and it’s a pretty cool space. This warehouse is half distribution centre, ½ super slick coffee bar where a barista will prepare your beverage with fantastic care and skill. It’s a pleasure to watch, so I urge you to take a stroll down the alleyway off Greenwood for this cup o’ coffee.

Red Rocket Coffee – 1364 Danforth Ave.

Red Rocket Coffee barista at work
Red Rocket Coffee front window
Red Rocket Coffee never disappoints

Red Rocket is the epitome of “neighbourhood coffee joint”. For sure you’ll bump into someone you know if you live east of Greektown on The Danforth (and no, I won’t call it “The Danny”). With super friendly staff, a variety of cozy seating, tasty coffee and treats you’ll feel right at home… even if your home is just around the corner.

Hailed Coffee – 801 Gerrard Street East

Hailed barista at work

This area is a mixture of culture, cuisine and character, so it’s a perfect place for Hailed Coffee’s diverse offerings. Their specialty is Arabic coffee, which is gently infused with cardamom, or hail in Arabic. So for a bit of an adventure in coffee without leaving the comfort of your fabulously multicultural east end neighbourhood Hailed’s Coffee is the place to be!

Rooster Coffee – Broadview edition

Rooster Coffee- Broadview edition sign
Rooster Coffee – Broadview edition spectacular view

What can I say about Rooster on Broadview. Well… the view, for one! This shop located in a renovated home on a precarious curve on Broadview just north of Gerrard has probably best scenery for your coffee! Overlooking Riverdale Park (and the rest of T.O. in the distance) Rooster serves up smooth coffee and special-teas, as well as totally tasty treats. The cozy atmosphere, the view, the coffee …it’s a Toronto coffee shop trifecta.

Bud’s Coffee Bar – 1934 Queen Street East

Bud’s Coffee bar is great Beach neighbourhood coffee shop, which means that it serves locals and visitors in that semi-tourist/highly community-based area! If the weather is decent—in any season- grab your Buds and check out the boardwalk and the lake. Who says you can’t wear a parka at the beach?!

Goat Coffee – 893 Pape

Goat coffee
Goat Coffee cool design
Goat Coffee Co. outdoor sign

Goat Coffee is at a perfect stop for those Torontonians livin’ the East End Life (ya, it’s a thing…now). For those of us serpentine-ing our way through our favourite East York shortcuts it’s a great place to sit and grab a cup or even lunch. Friendly owners also make it so you want to be there, ya know?

Tango Palace – 1156 Queen St. East

Tango Palace
Tango Palace coffee
Tango Palace counter

Tango Palace has been a coffee landmark in Leslieville before Leslieville was “Leslieville”. Always cozy and welcoming Tango Palace gives you a place to relax and catch up either with friends, colleagues, neighbours, or even just yourself (if you can snag one of the front tables overlooking Queen East you don’t need other people, imho).

Te Aro – 983 Queen Street East

Te Aro store front
Te Aro coffee or is it art
Te Aro coffee window

They know their coffee, here at Te Aro (of course they do—it’s the original location of Pilot Coffee Roasters). Fast and friendly staff give it that “neighbourhood” feel even when the joint is bustling, which is most of the time. It’s a good place to meet some friends and chat, maybe do some work, maybe brainstorm, or maybe stare out of the giant garage style windows and take a mental break.

Broadview Espresso – 817 Broadview

Broadview Espresso sign
Broadview Espresso front counter and window

Just north of the Danforth is a hyper-local, hyper-homey, hyper-convenient café that serves scurrying east-end commuters and leisurely Playter Estates residents. Whether you’re heading to the subway or driving up or downtown on Broadview, you might as well drop in. Seriously, it’s a perfect caffeine pit stop.

By: Tanya Paolitotimes.ca

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