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Do you consider redecorating your garden? These Clever Landscape Design Tips Can Help


Is your garden ready for spring? Warmer weather is right around the corner, so why not take this opportunity to turn your garden into a beautiful oasis? Now is the perfect time for planning an outdoor home project!

But what can you do to make your garden more beautiful? If you are considering decorating your garden, look for landscaping Alpharetta GA services, then here are some favourite design tips and ideas to help. Read on to learn more!

If your garden is looking boring despite your abundance of beautiful plant life, it might be because you haven’t adequately layered it. Adding layers to your garden will immediately improve its appearance and make it more visually interesting. It also gives you the opportunity to work with new and interesting plants. 

So what does it mean to add layers? 

You want several different types and sizes of plants that lead the eye. You will have ground-level small plants, like standard flowers or succulents, medium-sized shrubs and bushes, and small flowering trees. 

If you need some guidance in this area, plantiago.com can be highly useful for helping you to find any plant, tree or shrub to suit your gardening needs.

Variety in form and height will add depth, and a more natural look to your garden as well as make it come “alive.” 

Try using a mix of different colors and textures as well. You may have a thick shrub with dark green leaves behind some small rubbery succulents with light leaves and some blooming flowers to create an interesting contrast.

This is a time-consuming garden upgrade, but it is one that makes a huge difference. 

Add Some Water Features

There is something so peaceful about the sound of running water. Upgrade your garden with some water features to make it more beautiful. There are outdoor fountains available to be shipped that will turn any boring garden into a beautiful oasis. One will immediately make your garden look more elegant. 

Water features don’t just look great. They are also good for local wildlife. You may notice birds splashing around in your fountain, so consider placing a bird feeder nearby as well!

You can incorporate both large and small water features. A large fountain is a great focal point for a garden, but you may also want a small bird bath or a koi pond as well for more variety. Get creative!

Create a Sitting Area

Do you love sitting out in the garden taking in the sunlight with a good book? Make your garden more comfortable and aesthetically appealing with a sitting area. You can modify this for any size of the garden, even if you are working with an incredibly small space.

In your sitting area, you want at least one seat, but ideally, more if you plan on entertaining. Two benches or several smaller chairs around a table or fire pit.

It is also a good idea to have some sort of covering you can sit under if the weather is not good. A large umbrella is a great option if your sitting area is small. You can close it when the weather is bright and sunny and open it if it rains.

You could also create a more permanent sitting area with a gazebo if you have space for it. A gazebo is an awesome and functional focal point for a beautiful garden for anyone who likes to entertain or spend time outdoors.


Improve Your Lighting

Better lighting will immediately upgrade an otherwise boring garden. When you light it up, you also give yourself a nice place to sit outside at night.

So how will you light up your garden?

There are so many options. Ground lights are fantastic for large gardens. You can place them near your most impressive flowers and trees to highlight the hard work you have done to create a lush and beautiful outdoor space. You can also create a path of ground lights to lead people from the garden to the door.

String lights are fantastic for gardens. You can string them through fence posts or hang them overhead to create a whimsical vibe in your garden. They are incredibly trendy and available in all sizes and colors so they suit any aesthetic. 

You can also use light from a fire with a fire pit or torches. Of course, you don’t want to use these all the time, but they add wonderful lighting when you are entertaining guests. 

Play around with different lighting methods and styles until you find something that suits you. 

Create a Walking Path

If your garden is large, put a walking path in it! This is a great way to add more visual interest to your garden and direct people through all of your beautiful plants (so they don’t accidentally step on them) and up to your home. 

Walking paths don’t have to be intricate. You can create a simple path with stepping stones and it will still be effective.

If you like a project, you could create a covered path, like a wisteria path. This home improvement project looks incredibly elegant and it will make your garden look like it belongs in a fairytale. 

Flower Boxes

Do you consider redecorating your garden? These clever landscape design tips can help: Incorporate elegance with large rectangular planter boxes from Flower Window Boxes.

Consider Local Plants

Do you have any local native plants in your garden? Using local plants is good for you and good for the environment. Check your local garden supply store and ask about what plants grow naturally in the area.

Native plants will almost always grow better than imported plants. They are used to the local environment so you shouldn’t have to go through as much extra effort to create good conditions for them. 

Local plants are also good for local insects and animals. They are a natural food supply for local pollinators so by using them, you are contributing to the ecosystem. 

Redecorate Your Garden With These Ideas

With spring just around the corner, it is time to start redecorating your garden. These tips will bring new life into your outdoor space and turn it into a fantastic place to spend your time. You deserve a garden you love. So explore the different options and choose the ones that you think will give you the perfect garden of your dreams. Have fun redecorating and enjoy your own space!

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