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England win Euro U-19 in extra time


England U-19 national youth team supported by bookmaker VulkanBet has defeated Israel in the final match of the European Championship. The victory for the English national team came in extra time. Chukwuamek’s goal in the 108th minute turned out to be the winning one. The final score was 3-1 in favour of the English youths.

How Israel and England reached the Euro final

For England, it is their 11th continental title in the U-19 category. Israel, on the other hand, played their debut finals in the big soccer bet online tournaments with dignity, but eventually suffered a setback.

In the group stage, Israel and England were in the same quartet as Austria and Serbia. The English won all three matches by a combined score of 7-0, while the Israelis drew with the Serbs (2-2), defeated the Austrians (4-2) and lost to their arch-rival in the final (0-1). In the semi-finals, England beat Italy 2-1, while Ofir Haim’s side sensationally defeated the other group winner and Euro 2022 favourites France 2-1.

UEFA Euro U-19 Championship Final result

How the game played out

Throughout the first half, Israel attacked, pressed high, and essentially ruined England’s initial game plan. Particularly liked playmaker Oscar Gloch and right winger Ty Abed – both short, but very agile and technical.

England, on the other hand, were a powerhouse, relying on standards, counterattacking and physicality. Almost everyone of the Three Lions was as big as their opponents.

In the end, it did make a difference. Israel opened the scoring in the first half as long as they had the strength to press and counterattack – Gloch’s goal on a fast break made a splendid display. England responded after the break with a simple corner kick – the Israelis lost out on three of their efforts within two seconds, making it 1-1.

Then came the swings

The Israeli team made good use of the left flank, which was dominated by Rei Revivo. The favourites were represented by the powerful Chukwuemeka from Aston Villa, who even hit the post in one of the episodes.

The denouement came in extra time

Israel played hard – credit where it’s due, but England deservedly won. In fact, the teams created two good chances, but if the British scored, the Jews missed both times.

For the record, the last goal for the Lions was scored by the Majors – Rory Dileep’s son Liam rolled onto an empty net and boxer Mark Ramsey’s son Aaron struck them.

Quick Facts

  • Euro U-19 final. Trnava. “Anton Malatinsky Stadium.
  • Israel U-19 v England U-19 – 1:3
  • Goals: Gloch, 40 – Doyle, 52, Chukwuemeka, 108, Ramsey, 116
  • Israel U-19: Tsarfati – Feingold (Tomer, 90 +2), Lemkin, Israelov, Revivo – Madmon, Kantsapolsky (Navi, 67) – Abed (Ifra, 86), Gloh, Lugasi (Turgeman, 86) – Salman (Gorno, 67)
  • England U-19: Cox – Edwards, Quansa, Doyle – Oyegoke (Norton-Cuffy, 73), Scott (Irogbunam, 73), Chukwuemeka, Vale – Devine (Chambers, 85) – Scarlett (Dileep, 105), Byno-Gittens (Ramsey, 58)
  • Warnings: Feingold, 17, Kantsapolski, 45+1, Turgeman, 107, Madmon, 120 – Edwards, 39, Doyle, 42, Scott, 56, Norton-Caffey, 90+3, Irogbunam, 115, Chukwuemeka, 120

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