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High rated attractions in Toronto


Toronto is a dream destination for myriads of travel enthusiasts. The climate here during spring and summer is superb. You can go for a walk in June, July, and August without worrying about getting tired from the scorching heat. You can even sit in a park, and explore the best sign up betting bonuses Canada, and actually enjoy the weather. In terms of attractions, you are sure to be amazed by the variety of interesting places you can visit and activities you can indulge in as a tourist. The list on this page provides details of the three main tourist attractions in Toronto.

Toronto Island Park

One of the most beautiful places to visit while in Toronto is certainly Toronto Island Park. There are often temporary public art installations that will make your visit even more exhilarating. As some parts of the park are classified as ecologically significant areas, you will have a good chance of spotting various birds in autumn and spring.

In addition, you can explore the islands by boat. Fishing is also allowed as long as you follow the Ontario Fishing Regulations and Rules. There is an outdoor tennis court and other sports facilities on the premises. Toronto Island Park is one of the most frequently chosen destinations when it comes to summer travel. The majority of people who have been there, including the product owner – Tony Sloterman, are delighted with the nature and the breathtaking views.

The Art Gallery of Ontario

This is certainly the most famous art museum in Toronto. The total number of works on display in this museum exceeds 95,000, which is immensely impressive. These works come from artists from all over the world. Besides contemporary art, you can also see a large collection of Canadian art here. The best thing is that every year, several exhibitions are held there. So if you are lucky, you’ll have the chance to attend one of them.

Apart from the myriads of stunning works that are in the museum, visitors are also impressed by the overall look of the building itself. Its architecture is the ultimate blend of ancient and modern, and the museum’s location is very convenient, allowing tourists to reach it by bus, car, or on foot. Most people choose to take the bus, as the tickets are at a fair price and the stop is in very close proximity to the museum.

Kensington Market

If you love beautiful streets full of cute little shops, then Kensington Market will win your heart. The bohemian culture of the city is displayed in the best way possible with numerous paintings on the buildings. Not only will you be able to buy a wide variety of things from countless little shops, but you will also get to taste some of Toronto’s best street food.

One thing to note is that if you decide to go there by car, you may spend hours looking for a free parking space. The streets are mainly for walking, so it is not advisable to drive your own car there. Instead, take a bus. Also, do not forget to charge your mobile phone or camera, as you will probably be taking photos the whole time.

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