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How To Make A Bridal Shower Special?


The wedding is a memorable day for the bride. She may not say it, but it is. There are many ways to make it the best. It depends on the relationship between you and the bride-to-be. When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of ceremonies. Each ceremony involves planning, executing, and gifting. A lot has changed since the pandemic-virtual weddings, virtual gifts, virtual guests except the lovely wishes. The bride deserves the best because it’s her big day. So, when it comes to a bridal shower, it is high time that you make it unforgettable for the bride—Let’s know-how.

Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a daytime event often organized before the wedding to celebrate the bride’s upcoming marriage. Traditionally, it was an event focusing on both bride and groom; but trends have changed. Now, the bridal shower is more about making the bride feel special, dress unique and showering her with the precious gifts. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Planning

While planning a bridal shower, the host must consider the likes and dislikes of the bride. You need to carefully plan many things like guests, budget, theme, etc.

Who to invite

As a host, it’s your responsibility to invite the bride’s close female family members, and friends by carefully going through the wedding guest list.

When to throw

Bridal showers are thrown mostly between three months and two weeks before the wedding.

Who is paying

Bridal showers are hosted by the bride’s close female relatives or bridesmaids.


While inviting the girls is essential, so is timely sending invitations. Usually, it is best to send invitations 5 to 7 weeks before the shower.

2. Menu, Music, and Activities

While planning is one of the first essential steps, the next step will create the whole mood.


Although there is no strict rule to have a theme for bridal showers, it’s only good to have one. Themes add more vibe, fun, and personality to the party. You can have a Disney princess theme, bridal-tea party theme, etc.

Food and Drinks

No party planning can complete without deciding the menu. However, the bride’s tastebuds are all you need to cater to in a bridal shower unless they are exclusively different. But, menu should align with the food items.


No one likes a plain party, and thus adding games will jazz up the whole bridal shower. Break the ice, think creatively, and add the fun everyone will not getaway. You can add games like who said it, bridal shower bingo, wedding jeopardy, etc.


Well, every bride and groom like to receive gifts. But, choosing a bridal gifts for a shower can be a bit trickier. Nevertheless, it is easier for you if you are close to the bride and know her tastes. Gift her something she’ll find valuable and cherishable for years to come. You can gift her an incredibly customizable gift, including aroma candles, a bottle of wine, customized gift boxes and anything you think she will like.

Dress code

A bridal shower is not an event to be planned on rigid lines. And, dressing up has no rules until or unless specifically mentioned in the invitations. The guests can dress comfortably and formally if left on their choice.

To sum up!

Weddings are lavish, and so are other ceremonies. Hosts must plan the events carefully because it’s one of the most cherished days for a couple. So, when planning a bridal shower for your special friend or cousin, be ready to add more creative roses in her shower’s bouquet.

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