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How To Reduce Rent Costs When Renting Self-storage


For the past few years, renting a storage unit has become necessary for the modern man. It gives one extra space to store items that can’t fit in their homes. Apart from that, some people utilize storage units when renovating their homes.   

While that’s the case, renting self-storage units can cost you a lot of money. And if you aren’t careful, it can hurt your budget and finances in the long run. That said, you can implement several strategies to help reduce costs when renting self storage in Calgary. These include:   

  1. Look For The Cheapest Self-Storage Service Provider 

Self-storage is one of the most booming businesses today. As a result, most investors have chosen to put their money there. It is because a lot of people need extra space for their possessions. For that reason, most companies offer their storage facilities at competitive prices to stand out in that saturated market.  

While that’s the case, not every company offers storage units at favorable prices, and some are still expensive. Therefore, you shouldn’t settle for the first service provider you meet. Ensure you search and partner with a service provider with the cheapest storage units. In that way, you’ll reduce your rental costs.  

  1. Find A Service Provider With Special Offers 

To overcome the market competition, many storage service providers give special offers. Therefore, working with such companies can help minimize your rental costs.   

Today, thousands of companies that deal with storage units in Calgary provide special offers for first-timers and loyal clients. For instance, some companies will allow you to store your items for free in the first or two months. Others will come to your premises and pick up your items for free. Therefore, whether you’re a first-time or long-time storage client, you can always find a way to save your money. Ensure you search for storage companies with such special offers.   

  1. Avoid Paying For Amenities You Do Not Need

Some people use self-storage units to store valuable items like laptops and other devices. However, some of these items can be affected by extreme weather conditions. For instance, high humidity can damage most electronics. Therefore, some storage companies provide climate-controlled storage units to protect such items from unsuitable weather conditions.   

While that’s the case, most climate-controlled self-storage units are high-priced. Therefore, going for that option will take much of your money. And so, avoid these storage units if your items can’t be affected by the regional climate. In simple terms, avoid paying for amenities you don’t need. 

  1. Organize Your Items Efficiently

Sometimes, you can incur substantial rental storage costs by being disorganized. For instance, if
you fail to arrange your items efficiently, you may require a bigger storage unit or space. As a
result, you’ll end up paying high monthly rental fees. You could have minimized the cost by
being more organized.

You can implement various strategies to arrange your items in the storage unit. For instance, you
can disassemble furniture and store items upright or vertically to save space. That goes a long
way towards ensuring you reduce rental costs by paying for only one storage unit.

  1. Go For Service Providers With Insurance Options

It’s good to insure your items just in case something wrong happens. For instance, some
insurance policies will reimburse or compensate for your stolen or damaged items. However,
insuring your items will add extra costs to your storage rental.

Some companies will want you to insure your items so they can avail of a storage unit for you.
On the other hand, others will give you an option to decide whether to insure your things or not.
But it would be best to go for one with insurance, especially if your location is susceptible to
natural calamities. This way, you can get compensation when a disaster happens.

  1. Find A Storage Unit From The Right Location

You can find a self storage unit from any part of the state. However, their prices differ
significantly depending on the location. For instance, storage units in convenient and highly
populated places will likely cost you a high monthly rental fee.

On the other hand, storage units in rural areas will be less expensive. And that could be your best
option if you want to reduce costs. However, don’t choose one that’s too far from your location
so you can still access it easily.


Though hiring storage units might be necessary, they can cost you a lot of money. And that
harms your finances. However, you can implement the strategies above to ensure you reduce
costs when renting a storage unit.

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