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Summer wines to try


Summer usually brings to mind lighter whites and rosés for the patio along with some heavier reds and whites for the BBQ. Summer wines need to be casual since the warm weather does not help you enjoy your better wine’s subtle aromas. That being said it is not a good call to bring out your most expensive wines.

The biggest drawbacks to enjoying your wine in the summer are temperature and BBQ food flavours.  So, here’s how to get the best from your wine experience while sitting in your rattan chair.

Temperature  –  Wine that heats up  in the sun heats up quickly.  Warm wines display harsh tannins, especially red and orange wine. What you must do  is chill your sparkling, whites, roses in the fridge for 2-3 hours and reds and oranges  for 20 minutes before serving them.  When you’re outside, if your wine gets too warm, put it in an ice bucket for 5-10 minutes to keep your reds cool and your sparkling/whites/roses cold.

BBQ marinades/sauces  –  These could be  sweet and spicy, which overshadow  the wine’s fruit fruit profile.   So, remember that your wine will need to have a bigger structure to stand to your BBQ.  Otherwise, the lovely fruit flavours in your glass will seemingly disappear.

Now with a short and quick introduction to summer wines to try:

Fontanafredda Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 VINTAGES#:  638312 $19.95

Textbook introduction to Nebbiolo for under $30. Sourced from limestone-rich hillside vineyards, this Nebbiolo was matured in oak for eight months. A tasty, approachably priced introduction to the wines of Piedmont, this has impressive red berry, anise and black tea notes, with Nebbiolo’s telltale grippy tannins. A great wine for hard cheeses and charcuterie platters. (Vintages panel, June 2019). A Nebbiolo for the summer.

Karim Vionnet Beaujolais Villages Le Rawsé de Karim 2018

Very floral with succulent notes of red berries and cantaloupe. On the palate, soft and very delicate. Retronasal consistent with the nose complemented by subdued minerality. Perfect apero wine.

Otazu Ozu Tempranillo Navarra 2018

Sensual notes of black plums, cherry and chorizo spices. Full body with a generous structure and chunky tannis. Great value for the price it commands. A finale reminiscent of roasted herbs as well.

Viña Esmeralda 2017 VINTAGES#:  113696

This smart blend of Muscat and Gewurztraminer tastes like it was made to enjoy al fresco. Lots of green tropical fruits with lovely floral nuances as well. Delicate, off-dry and deeply aromatic, with wafting scents of lychee, green apple and rosewater. Hints of lemon-lime, lychee, and lemon. A perfect Mediterranean white under $20.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca

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