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TD opens Fusion Centre in Toronto


Centre advances the Bank’s ability to defend against global threats while attracting top-tier cybersecurity talent

TORONTO, Oct. 31, 2019 /CNW/ – TD Bank Group (TD) today announced the opening of the TD Fusion Centre, a 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in downtown Toronto – an operation hub focused on improving detection and prevention of enterprise threats, proactively identifying new threats and better enabling an incident response capability for the enterprise.

The TD Fusion Centre is an important evolution in the Bank’s ongoing efforts to deliver meaningful innovations that help protect assets and safeguard customers’ privacy, security and trust. A multi-disciplinary team representing cybersecurity, fraud management, incident response, investigations, physical security, legal and compliance works within the Centre to collaborate and develop a common approach to threat management.

“Safeguarding our customers’ trust is a top priority,” says Clark Smith, Head of Cyber Fraud Threat Management, TD. “Bringing together diverse expertise from across our organization will help enable us to boost intelligence detection capabilities, enhance incident response speed and realize faster and more efficient mitigation, which we believe will enable us to be more predictive and proactive in the evolving cyber threat landscape.”

Inside the TD Fusion Centre

In addition to bringing threat management teams together in one location, the workspace features the newest TD real estate design and includes unique tools and capability to further drive cross-team collaboration and innovation. Unique features include:

  • Development Automation Analysis Research and Testing Environment (DART) Room: This space is designed to mimic the current TD enterprise IT environment to help investigators simulate attacks and perform malware reverse engineering without impacting the real TD environment. Having this space on location allows the teams to apply their learnings in real-time.
  • Forensic Room: The TD forensic investigating team is involved in exploring potential cyber threats. The Forensic Room is used to dissect evidence and build effective chain of custody while conducting cyber investigations – a critical part of building a defense against attackers.

Fostering future talent and innovation

As part of the Bank’s ongoing efforts to attract and foster cybersecurity talent, TD continues to make investments to recruit and develop the next generation of experts. TD recently worked with Toronto Finance International and Seneca College to contribute to the curriculum of a new cybersecurity and threat management program. In 2018, TD was the first Canadian bank to join the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, a hub for cybersecurity research and collaboration at the University of New Brunswick.

In 2017, TD announced the opening of the TD Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv, Israel – a first for any Canadian bank – to tap into one of the world’s leading markets for cybersecurity skills and talent. Since its opening, the Israel team has helped create efficiencies and discover new innovations that have strengthened the Bank’s broader cyber ecosystem.

SOURCE TD Bank Group

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