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Thanksgiving Butternut Squash soup recipe


How to make butternut squash soup to serve at Thanksgiving

Chef’s Note; Tis the season for comfort foods and Butternut squash soup is a favourite of mine that is so versatile and easy to make. In season now, Butternut squash are readily available at most grocery stores.

Here is what you will need to make this butternut squash soup recipe:
• 1 Butternut squash
• Butter
• 1/4 cup Olive Oil
• Small carrot (Cut into small chunks)
• Small onion (Cut into small chunks)
• 1/2 cup Celery (Cut into small chunks)
• 1 Small potato (Peel the potato)
• 1 to 1 1/2 cups Vegetable stock or chicken stock

• ¼ teaspoon of heavy cream

• Dried cranberries and blueberries
• Salt and pepper to taste

Butternut Squash recipe by Chef Stephan Schulz

How to Prepare butternut squash:

(Use the butternut squash as the serving vessel)

• Cut off about 1/2 of the butternut squash from the top (this portion will be used for baking)
• Peel and cut the remaining butter nut squash into half, then slice into cubes and place in a baking pan.

• Take the bottom half and remove all the seeds and a little bit of the flesh from the inside of the squash (do not peel this portion). Wash the butternut squash once seeds are removed and place upside down on a baking sheet.

• Cut carrots, potato, onions into small cubes and add to the baking sheet with the butternut squash. (note drizzle the mixture with olive oil, salt and pepper and placed into preheated oven at 375°F

• Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until the vegetables become soft but are still firm not mushy.

• Heat the vegetable or chicken stock before adding it to the mixture.

• Remove the butternut squash from the oven and place into a bowl. Using a hand mixer, start mixing vegetables together. (add a little of your heated stock near the end of mixing and 1 tablespoon of butter). Keep adding stock if you wish to make the mixture more of a soup or less liquid if you want more texture like mashed potatoes.

• Once you have the achieved the texture you desire, take a spoon and add this mixture into the hollowed out butternut squash and enjoy.

• Garnish with salt and pepper to taste, add 1 teaspoon of Heavy Cream on top and decorate as you please (Drizzle with dried cranberries and blueberries on the plate).


Chef Stephan Schulz works across Canada with corporations and with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada. Follow Chef Schulz on instagram for his daily recipe and plated photo posts: https://www.instagram.com/chef_schulz

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