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The Benefits of Natural Light In Your Home


Natural light is good for the eyes, and it also has other advantages for health, like improving mood and productivity. More natural light also can make your house appear bigger, brighter and more welcoming. You can try these methods to increase the amount of sunlight in your home: include skylights; enlarge windows; employ decor that is light-coloured.

Adding Skylights

Adding natural light to parts of the home that have few windows or require more light is a the main function of skylights. They can be set up in different places, like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Skylights are available in several forms such as fixed ones, vented types and tubular styles.

Skylights that don’t open are known as fixed. They are good for places where you don’t require ventilation. The skylights which can be opened up are vented. You can use them to let in both light and fresh air, so they’re perfect for places like kitchens and bathrooms. Tubular skylights, which are more slender in diameter, have the ability to transport daylight via a reflective tube. This makes them ideal for small spaces or rooms that lack direct roof entry.

Putting in skylights must be performed by an expert like Toronto roofers so that they close and insulate them correctly, stopping any leaks and maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. Skylights not only improve natural illumination but also lessen the need for man-made light during daytime, which could possibly mean energy savings.

Make the Windows Bigger or Add New Ones

Increasing the size of windows lets in more daylight, giving a room the feeling of being open and breezy. Think about big windows that reach from floor to ceiling, or picture windows which are wide and provide clear views with lots of light.

When considering making the windows bigger, it is very important to consider the structure and talk with a contractor. This will assure that changing window sizes does not affect how strong or stable the building structure remains. Also, using energy-saving windows which have glass with low-emissivity (Low-E) could assist in controlling room temperature and safeguarding furniture from UV light harm..

Bay windows and bow windows extend outward, which allow in light from different directions and also provide a pleasant nook to sit inside. More sunlight can change a dim room into a cheerful area.

Using Light-Coloured Decor

The chosen colours and finishes in a home have a great effect on how light gets reflected and spread throughout the space. Rooms with light-coloured walls, ceilings, and furniture make the place appear brighter and bigger. White or other pale shades reflect more light compared to dark hues, hence amplifying incoming natural light.

Consider painting the walls and ceilings in lighter colours like white, cream, light grey or pastel shades. These colours reflect more light and convey a feeling of cleanliness that is fresh and contemporary. You might also use paint with glossy or satin finish on surfaces such as furniture to increase how much light they can reflect when compared with a matte finish used on the same item surface.


To provide your house with more natural light, you can make some changes in its structure and design. Putting in skylights or making the windows larger are two good methods for bringing more sunlight inside. Also, using light-coloured décor will help to reflect this natural light around the room, making it feel brighter and welcoming. These modifications not only enhance how your home looks but also provide health advantages along with possible energy economy. If you want to make your home have more natural light, there are some ways that can help. 

lead photo by Elle Hughes via Pexels

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