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Tornado obliterates boathouse in Kawartha Lakes


TORONTO, ON., June 24, 2020 — It has been confirmed by Environment Canada that a tornado touched down in the Kawartha Lakes, Sturgeon Lake (between Lindsay and Bobcaygeon) area yesterday. Kawartha Lakes This Week reported that a boathouse belonging to Lindsay country singer, Madison Kozak was destroyed as a tornado ripped through the area Tuesday afternoon during the storms that rolled across southern Ontario.

The 22-year-old Kawartha Lakes-based country star posted a photo of the wreckage on Twitter and also reassured followers that no one was injured.

A video of the twister was taken by Mike Smith and posted on Twitter by his wife Dawn.who lives near Snug Harbour in the Kawartha Lakes. He told local reporters that he has been a storm chaser since childhood and when he noticed strange clouds over Sturgeon Lake around 3 p.m. he and his son hopped into their truck and drove over to Pleasant Point “just in time to watch a funnel cloud touch down.”

On Twitter @Madison_Kozak and @amy_reeds post tornado-related images from
Kawartha Lakes on Tuesday June 23, 2020.

“It slammed a cottage or boathouse and blew it right over,” Smith told reporters from Kawartha This Week.

It later turned out that it was in fact the boathouse belonging to Madison Kozak.

“It hit our dock. Our boathouse roof has been torn off, but everyone is safe,” Kozak said in her Twitter post. “So thankful nobody was hurt. Can’t say the same for our boathouse,” Kozak also tweeted.

Kozak told local reporters that “the tornado just bounced up the lake and onto our dock and ripped the roof right off.”

Although Environment Canada had not issued a tornado warning for the area they later confirmed it was a tornado that touched down around 3 p.m.

More evidence from the tornado damage in Kawartha Lakes yesterday. photos posted to twitter by @AlannahFranks

“Videos and pictures via social media received by the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre confirm a tornado occurred today at Sturgeon Lake around 3:00 pm EDT, and tracked north through Sturgeon Point and likely north beyond this,” Environment Canada said in a weather summary.

“Information regarding a track and a rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale will be forthcoming later when more information is gathered and analysis can be done in consultation with the Northern Tornadoes Project,” said Environment Canada.

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