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Toronto’s CMagic5 embraces 2021 with new release “THE ONE”


Toronto recording artist CMagic5 has just released a new single. “The One” is a blend of gravity and exhilaration with disco roots that is sure to get you up dancing around the house during lockdown.

Music has definitely chosen Cmagic5. With every new single, Cmagic5’s delivery is accompanied by a unique storyline, spicy colours, enhanced visuals and impactful graphics. Her vivid creation and portrayal are reflective of her youthful, bold, and vibrant personality.

Cmagic5 says the new dance track “establishes nostalgic vibes through stratospheric waves and a deep modern synth bass, followed by a haunting deal breaker arpeggio that further develops the moody ambiance. “

With her strong vocals and whole-hearted lyrics, Cmagic5 delivers an aesthetic performance. The modern synth line and and complementing guitar stylings unexpectedly lead into an upbeat, catchy chorus that urges you to sing along. The chorus is supported by lively strings and a catchy walking bassline adding a flavour of groovy, 80’s style disco-pop.

In the words of Cmagic5 “The refreshing transformative nature of the song is the perfect soundtrack for feel-good times and having a dance party, which is very therapeutic during the current times we are living in and the lyric video transports you to the world of AI.”

For Cmagic5, music is magic offering an enchanting medium to connect with the world through its universal language. Her passion for making others smile and feel good is the motivation behind her music. Stay tuned! Cmagic5’s forthcoming debut album explore themes of self-empowerment and love and “The One” definitely adds credence to this.

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