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Toronto’s Cmagic5 releases cheeky new dance single “Lego”


After her recent successful R&B release “You Don’t Know,” Canadian singer-songwriter, known as Cmagic5, is back with “Lego,” a fresh, cheeky dance track, which she describes as an “ode to yourself” from her forthcoming debut album.

In the chorus, the phrase “1,2,3,4…Go Step On A Lego” transitions figuratively to “go take a hike” or “beat it,” says Cmagic5. Everyone can visualize and knows how painful stepping on a piece of Lego can be. “It signifies how to be a sweet savage, when enough is enough! Ironically, revenge is best retaliated through self-empowerment, self-worth, and success. It is amazing how society can transform you into a badass!” says the young Toronto artist. The lyrics, “Wearing my own heels… look at me behind the wheel” demonstrates this power.

The song showcases Cmagic5’s penchant for exploring varied musical landscapes with profound themes through simple, playful yet meaningful words. She mesmerises us with this pop banger. It’s one of those catchy tracks that will stick in your head and have you humming for the rest of the day.

The tropical synth beats and hints of spicy salsa bring the song to life. Its playful, sassy vocals complement the nods to Latin music, creating a captivating effect.

“Lego” features strong production work, well-crafted vocals, and catchy lyrics. It soars with the solo trumpet chorus which is the centerpiece that adds a unique flair.

Mississauga/Toronto artist Cmajic5 just released new single, “Lego”

“It’s what they call a banger, “Lego” has the power to transform lives through a bop with a powerful message to value yourself and unplug from those who belittle you!” says Cmajic5.

The song oozes an assertive and unapologetic swagger, and brings about empowerment which is playfully portrayed from the artist’s own life experiences having persevered through her own trials and tribulations.

“Lego” is available now on all streaming services.

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