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Why you should learn something new every day


With the development of modern advanced technologies and Internet access, we all have the possibility of non-stop studying. However, do most people use their devices for learning every day? Probably not. It’s a shame, really, since learning new facts daily can help you in life. Overall, there are so many things we don’t know about life and even ourselves. We can easily change that as long as we are open to perceiving new information daily. Here are the top eight reasons why you should learn something new every day. 

  1. Your brain wants you to learn

People are curious creatures by nature. We want to learn new things every day. Our brains get very bored when we don’t provide them with enough new information to process. That is why learning new things can be both fun and healthy for you. A brain works so much better when it has food for thought. We need to keep them busy. Otherwise, we can create an environment for multiple mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, or insomnia. However, when you do learn on a daily basis, you ensure healthy brain work, thus decreasing the chance of dementia or other similar disorders. 

  1. It keeps you entertained

Learning can be fun. Most people associate learning with school, homework, and other not-so-fun memories, like typing a search request “write an essay 4 me” at 2 am because you are drowning in the sources on your own. Well, let me assure you that learning for yourself is much more interesting than by a school program. First of all, you get to choose the areas of your future studies. You can learn more about philosophy, music history, art, history, literature, botany, or whatever else you find interesting. 

Secondly, you get to learn things at your own pace and use the methods you prefer. For example, watching a documentary about the Habsburg dynasty can be just as entertaining (if not more) than the Game of Thrones. Yet, you are actually learning about European history in the process. 

  1. Confidence boost

Knowing things makes you feel more confident. You just feel like you are more ready to face the world with that expanding luggage of knowledge of yours. Hence, you create a nice confidence boost that can help you in work, personal life, or social circles. 

However, beware of a catch 22 happening here. The more you learn, the more you understand how much you don’t know. Sounds confusing? 

For example, once you start learning about French literature, you realize how much there is to study. To be an expert in this topic, you need to go through an immense amount of information. Indeed, once you start learning new things, you realize how much you missed out in your education. To start feeling confident about your erudition will take a while. However, once you feel confident enough, no one will make you doubt your knowledge. 

  1. No to stereotyping

The more you know, the harder it is to fool you. You will be fast to spot lies or stereotypes that should not burden the mind of a smart person. Moreover, you will be able to defend or enlighten those who have fallen under the bad and destructing stereotypes or propaganda. Being the smartest person in the room is great, but it also comes with many responsibilities that you should accept. 

It’s cool to know that you are not so easily fooled by all the misinformation and propaganda that exists in today’s world. However, your education all comes with some strings attached. You will start noticing the people living under stereotypical worldviews. It can be hard to see at first, and you will want to break those cycles of lies and false agendas. 

  1. New skill sets

By learning every day, you get to explore various areas of study. Sometimes, you may even discover things you would love to try and develop new skills. What’s more, you can even discover some hidden talents of yours that you have never really known of before. For example, how could you know that you are passionate about element collecting? It’s only when you read about such a hobby and have found your passion for it. Hence, you extend your knowledge and discover new interests of yours.

  1. You’ll be open-minded

The one who likes to learn new things and expand knowledge will always be more open-minded about the world. Soon, you’ll realize that it is easier to get surprised by the world when you already know something about it. Open-minded people realize how diverse, unique, and fragile our world is. They also know how each person comes with their history. Our life stories are what makes us unique individuals. Overall, it’s easy to stay open-minded when you are used to receiving a lot of new information day by day. 

  1. You are prepared for anything

Being an active learner means that you can be great at problem-solving. It’s always easier to spot a solution to a problem when you can recall similar examples. The more you read, the more parallels from history or biographies you can apply to your life. We have already mentioned that you feel more confident both in private and social settings. Though, your confidence will have a solid foundation. You will find yourself more ready to face the world as you start to understand it better. Your readiness and preparedness for what a world can bring will make your life better. This way, you’ll be less stressed or anxious. 

  1. Why not?

If there is nothing that prevents you from learning every day, then why not do it? There are no particular reasons why you shouldn’t try doing such a thing, right? At the end of the day, it is your life, and you should live it to the fullest. Information can be a great source of satisfaction, a beam of light that will always lead you out of the darkness. You should not be afraid of it but rather seek it out with every possibility. 

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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