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Vacation Wines for the beach or picnic


Vacation Wines – Simple pleasures such as hamburgers and plain vegetables take center stage in summer. It’s not just because they taste good, or because they are in season peak. They are versatile and easy to make when you are on a holiday road trip. This is especially practical when you are travelling with small children and don’t have the time to cook elaborate meals.To go along with your family vacation meals, choose simple wine.

Easy drinking wines with freshness and simple fruit flavours are the best choice. Rosé is a good option, but it does not have to end there, as there are plenty of unoaked, dry white wines that are quite appropriate such as sauvignon blanc from cool areas like the Loire Valley or the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand. Basic white Bordeaux and Burgundy can be had for a song, and the Spanish white Albariño, with its tart acidity, works great with simple grilled seafood and poultry dishes.

Wines with Sandwich?

In my mind, the ultimate summer vacation meal is the sandwich. Have you ever drank wine with a sandwich? Or would you ever consider it? And why not? If paired right a sandwich and a good wine could result in wonderful lunch. Cheese and wine are a popular combination, bread and wine are also a very popular pairing. Now if you take the bread and cheese, add some lettuce and tomatoes … you have a sandwich! which will go deliciously well with your favourite wine

What would cause somebody to oppose the idea of drinking wine with sandwiches? Perhaps too many people associate wine with stiff formality, which doesn’t match the simple nature of most sandwiches, unless you are part of the annoying crowd who insist on breaking them with fork and knife, napkin at the ready. Wine is formal? No way. What would picnics in the beach be without it? Or fishing, without the bottle of in the cooler behind the boat?

Lobster club

If you accept that wine can go with almost anything, sandwiches become just another food. To pick a wine, consider the dominant flavour of the filling, as well as the occasion. A crab cake sandwich could pair with a fine white Burgundy or a rich Austrian Riesling. But those demand certain contemplation. For a wonderful sandwich lunch in the beach or camping, a glass of cheap white is perfect.

With the classics, like a club sandwich, you can probably read my mind about my recommendations: whites or fresh reds, whatever you fancy. Bacon, lettuce and tomato, the club’s close relative? I’d stick with a white or a rosé.A sausage-and-pepper hero, or a breaded veal sandwich type? Bring on the simple Chianti, the Lambrusco, and the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Wines of the week: 

Masi Masianco 2016 ( Veneto, Italy) LCBO # 620773. $15.15

Complex and attractive on the nose, with hints of citrus and apricot, this veneto white is easy drinking, delightfully soft,and full-bodied. With flavours of ripe apples and a touch of honey, it leads beautifully to a mineral finish. Food idea: Grilled salmon and vegetables.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir 2016 ( Central Valley, Chile) LCBO # 341602 $12.00

Pretty aromas of red fruits, field berries, cherry and raspberries. In the mouth, smooth, fresh and light, with medium concentration and great acidity. Pairs well with ham and cheese sandwiches or bbq chicken legs.

Marco Giovanetti – mtltimes.ca


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