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5 Practical Tips for International Students in Canada


Moving to a different country to study is a big challenge in the life of every student. In the globalized world, the value of graduates with international experience is rising, as such candidates have more developed skills and vision. Canada is known as a country with a high level of education and extremely diverse cultures. This destination is on the top for education and officially one of the best places to live. According to statistics, more than 700,000 international students have moved to Canada for study. Healthcare, education system, safety, and multiculturalism attract young people but can become a real challenge for those who are not prepared. That is why we have gathered 5 practical tips for international students in Canada that will help to integrate into the new society.

1. Choose the Appropriate University and Major

Among the internationally acclaimed universities in Canada are the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and the University of British Columbia. Of course, there are many more available institutions depending on your field of study. It is important for your motivation to like your major, so make the conscious choice. Do some research, and ask other students for their sincere feedback about the teacher and subjects, and read the information available online.

Take into consideration your aspirations and goals while choosing a college or university because it will encourage you to study more effectively. Prepare all documents, letters of acceptance, and study permits in advance since it will save your time when it comes to resettlement.

2. Find the Perfect Health Assurance

Basic and extended health insurance is obligatory for international students in Canada. You can buy provincial or private insurance depending on your location. It is not covered by governmental programs and usually doesn’t include dental, vision care, and some rare health issues. Consider choosing the personalized insurance that will cover all your needs. Do not forget to create copies of all your medical records and take your medical prescriptions.

3. Take Care of Your Finances

As soon as you move to Canada for study, you should consider opening a bank account at RBC which is one of the most reliable financial institutions for students. You will need to have not only cash but funds on your card to pay for the study, home, and other facilities. A small lifehack – it is easier to track your finances using the card and special money trackers that can be downloaded on your phone.

4. Get Assignment Help in Canada

All of us understand that life in Canada requires some investments, and many international students feel free to find a part-time job. Nevertheless, how to combine education and work? The answer is easy, you just need to find alternative solutions and ask for help. It goes difficult to handle all college tasks, so many students turn to assignment help Canada and get assistance from professionals. Online materials are a great way to get more knowledge and find help with college tasks, which makes the process of study much easier.

5. Make Friends and Learn Canadian Culture

Socialization is an integral part of a student’s life in Canada. At Campus, you can find people with the same interests and views that will help you to practice your English and extend your vocabulary, adapt to the new community and learn more about local traditions. Also, you can investigate the country, nature and new places with your newfound friends as traveling is one of the benefits of studying abroad. Canada is known for its multiethnic culture and punctuality, so make certain to keep time all the time, and do not be late. Moreover, after graduation, each student gets a chance to live and work in Canada for a specific period of time. Your future employee will also be happy to start cooperation with the specialist who has international experience.

Studying abroad is an amazing global phenomenon that gives students an opportunity to explore the new country, culture, and people. Canada is a great place for a life-changing adventure as here you can find opportunities in the top-ranked universities and get the valuable experience that will influence your future. You receive theoretical and practical knowledge in your field, meet new friends, learn more about the culture, local habits, and traditions, try new food and work in new places. Such experiences and explorations change the personality and extend their vision and perception of the world. All the above-mentioned advice can help international students by making their relocation easier, and adaptation faster, so do not put it in the back drawer.

by Emily Barrett

Author’s Bio: Emily Barrett is an educational consultant who helps students to study abroad. She likes travelling and dreams about touring around the world. Emily is fond of photography, and in the free time, she writes articles for several journals and online resources.

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