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Could You Make Your Own Online Casino?


Over the last year or so, certain businesses have shown that they were ably suited to weather the storm of the pandemic. Companies such as Disney+ and Deliveroo rely on the internet for their consumer base and it was exactly this reason that they thrived during the lockdowns.

As people became frustrated with their situations they started to turn toward the internet more than ever for entertainment and solutions. Groceries were ordered over the net, takeaways brought to homes by Ubereats, and movies streamed from Netflix.

One other area that grew hugely was the online gambling industry, and in particular, casinos and their related games.

This business is worth billions of dollars worldwide and many companies have jumped aboard this particular bandwagon. The question is, could anyone?

Is it possible to make your own online casino, and what would it take to make it work? 

How easy is it to code an online casino?

The actual website itself should present no particular problems to a competent coder. There are a number of crucial factors that need to be considered; performance, navigation, aesthetics, and SEO, to name just a few.

The first decision you may need to tackle is, do you make a full-blown online casino or do you just concentrate on making one particular game? There will be many things you must consider if you are to attract visitors to your site.

There are countless apps available that have proven popular that only concentrate on one area. The most popular apps being poker tournaments, blackjack, and slot machines. Slots in particular have inspired hundreds if not thousands of different versions.

If you want to make an individual game then you may need to code this, but if you go for a whole online casino then you can find software providers to help you out. 

Find a software provider

Instead of trying to code individual games for your casino, you can go through a tried and tested route of finding a reputable casino software provider.

By using these companies you can select a package of games for your new website which will offer your users a good variety and keep them interested. 

Things to consider with the casino website

Assuming you have decided to use a software provider you will still need to make your front end and payment systems, among other areas.

One of the most important things you will need to do is make your casino mobile-friendly. More people access the internet through mobile devices than any other way, and Google now considers this more important than desktop versions.

Going mobile-first will maximize your consumer base and will help with search engine results. While you can use the best SEO tools to improve your ranking, you can still falter if you don’t make sure your site runs well on mobile devices.

You should also make sure your site looks professional and is designed well. Remember, you are asking people to deposit money with you so your site must instill trust. One way that many casinos fail is that they crash too often or hang.

There are still many people that don’t entirely trust mobile casinos so you must provide an online environment that makes your user feel secure. 

Choosing the right hosting


One of the reasons that casino websites crash or hang is the sheer volume of users logging in. 2020 saw a massive increase in the use of online casinos and their servers were perhaps unprepared for such spikes.

You can find out how to choose the most affordable VPS hosting online but you will need to consider a few other things too. Look for a host that has experience in hosting casino and gambling sites, and also check out the location of their servers.

Many states in the US, and countries elsewhere, prohibit online gambling. Off-shore casinos are popular for this very reason. You will also need to consider whether you wish to offer access to countries where gambling is banned. While you will be safe, your players may have funds blocked when trying to deposit or withdraw.

You will also need to gain a gambling license from the government of Gibraltar, for instance, or another casino-friendly nation. 

Advertising your casino

The expense of setting up an online casino is why it is out of reach for most people. Your gaming license could be around $70,000 plus taxes. Your gaming package from your chosen software provider will have royalty fees attached, and you also need to show you have funds to payout winners. This can be several hundred thousand dollars.

On top of all this, you will need a budget for advertising. This is the area that many people will forget to factor in. A coder or web designer could easily be preoccupied with all the design of the website that they forget the finances needed for marketing.

You may need to spend an initial $100,000 to start your marketing campaign off properly and afterward spend perhaps up to $50,000 per month to keep your brand visible.

In 2020 MGM resorts spent nearly $90 million on advertising worldwide, and although they are a global business, you can see that advertising doesn’t come cheap. 

You will need to put in a random number generator

If you are designing your own games then you will need to understand about random number generators, amongst other developments. Of course, these aren’t difficult to code but regulations are governing them in gambling.

You will need to advertise the return to players on your site for the various games and these random number generators will have to work in accordance with this. Because different countries and regions have their own regulations regarding RNGs, you will need to make sure you can comply with all these areas. 


While it is possible to code an online casino it would take a professional team and many hours to do so. Realistically, buying a gaming package to integrate into your own website is far more realistic. However, an overall budget of perhaps $500,000 is likely to be needed. It may indeed, be easier just to enjoy playing in the top class casinos that are already available.

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