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COVID-19: Mayor Bonnie Crombie agrees Mississauga should be in Red-Control Level


Peel Public Health capacity is stretched thin across the Region as case counts trend upwards

Yesterday, Mississauga, as part of the Region of Peel, was placed in the Red-Control Level of the Government of Ontario’s Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. Beginning today, November 7, 2020 restaurants, bars and gyms/fitness centres will be able to reopen with restrictions. Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie explains why, and what it all means.

Initially, the province said Peel would be placed in the ‘Restrict’ or orange category, which allows for looser restrictions. Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie released a statement explaining that the situation changed in Peel over the past several days, particularly in Brampton. And as a result, Mississauga’s mayor has expressed that with Brampton’s hospitals at capacity, Mississauga’s soon will follow.

“To all our small business owners: I am truly sorry that you are not able to open to the degree you had anticipated. The reality, however, is that the picture in Peel Region has changed over the last several days,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

“Brampton’s William Osler Health System has become overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and the concern is that Mississauga hospitals will soon be as well,” said Crombie.

Less than 24 hours after Mayor Crombie said Mississauga’s hospitals will soon be at capacity, Trillium Health Partners confirmed that they are indeed “at capacity.”


“Trillium Health Partners is nearly at full capacity and has seen a significant increase in COVID-19 patients. We also continue to see a significant amount of community spread as our numbers have continued to climb over the last three weeks. The second wave of COVID-19 is hitting Peel Region harder than just about anywhere else in the country.”

The Government of Ontario’s decision to place Peel Region in the Red-Control Level comes as the situation has become critical. Case counts remain high and continue to trend upwards, with the test positivity rate now being the highest in Ontario.

Crombie says that in the past week, Mississauga has seen a rapid change in the status of the COVID-19 pandemic:

·   Case counts remain high and are now at 101 per 100,000 and continue to trend upward

·   Public health capacity is stretched thin across the Region

·   Weekly increases (November 1 to 7) were 583 for Mississauga and 2,041 for Peel Region

·   In Mississauga, hospitals are operating at almost 100 per cent capacity at Trillium Health Partners

·   In Brampton, William Osler Health System has reached capacity limits and is now transferring patients to other health care facilities

·   Mississauga’s positivity rate is at 4.3 per cent; positivity rates across the Region are all above the federal limit of 3 per cent and the highest across all of Ontario

·  Trillium Health Partners now has 31 COVID-19 positive patients in hospital; with six in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

·   William Osler Health System has 56 COVID-19 positive patients; with 15 in ICU

The Mississauga mayor added, “The trend that we are seeing in Peel Region is getting worse and we cannot ignore what is happening right here in our own community. We are starting to face a significant crisis that threatens lives, livelihoods and our healthcare system. The second wave of COVID-19 is hitting Mississauga and to save lives and stop the spread, we must take immediate action now,” emphasized Crombie.

What are Ontario’s Red-Control Level restrictions?

At the Red-Control Level, broader-scale measures and restrictions, across multiple sectors, have been put in effect to control the transmission of COVID-19.

Restaurants and bars are limited to 10 people indoors, must stop serving liquor at 9 p.m. and close by 10 p.m. Gyms/fitness centres are allowed to open and offer indoor classes with capacity limits of 10 people.

The Government of Ontario’s full framework, including all sector-specific regulations, can be found online.  

Public Health Measures:

·   Limit in-person contact to people you live with and essential supports

·   All indoor and outdoor private gatherings should be limited to only those you live with and essential supports

·   Go virtual as much as possible

·   Continue to practise physical distancing, hand-washing, masking and staying home if you are ill

·    Get tested for COVID-19 if you are showing symptoms or have been exposed

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