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Giant life-sized PAC-MAN maze – Watch video


EDWARDS, Ill. Oct. 27, 2020 — Hugely popular 80s game, Pac-Man is celebrating its 40th anniversary and it coincides with Peoria-based Caterpillar’s 95th. To honour the occasion Caterpillar cleverly decided to build a 200 by 200-foot scale model maze.

The Caterpillar team said “PAC-MAN™ is celebrating its 40th anniversary and we’re celebrating the milestone in an epic fashion with The Cat Trial #9: PAC-MAN™. With the help of skilled operators, Caterpillar used the latest Cat machines to build the life-sized game board, attachments and technology.”

The ‘players’ (including Cat customers, expert operators and gamers) used remote controls to operate the giant PAC-MAN™ and the ghosts.

In the video, the players are wearing colour-coded hard hats corresponding with Inky, Blinky and the other Pac-Man cast of characters. They remotely drive around the maze and try to capture Pac-Man before he can navigate the entire grid and pick up dots represented in an augmented reality experience.

In the video, players are eliminated when they get within a certain range of the opposing player’s CAT.

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