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GTA Chef wins back-to-back at the international TASTE AWARDS


TORONTO, May 9, 2022 – GTA Chef Stephan Schulz has won back-to-back international TASTE AWARDS. He has just been honoured with the “Best Food Photography” award for his photos.

The TASTE AWARDS in Hollywood, California are the premier international awards celebrating the year’s best in Food, Fashion, Health, Travel, and Lifestyle programs in Film, Television, Online & Streaming Video, Podcasts, Radio and Photography.

“I can’t describe the feeling I received when I was notified that a few of my plated food photos had just won the 2022 International Taste Award for the best food photography. The great news took me by surprise. There were so many international entries by talented photographers, all with amazing food photos. I am so honoured and humbled by this International award,” states Chef Stephan Schulz upon learning of his recent 2022 Taste Award win.

I have been privileged to win back-to-back International Taste Awards in different categories since 2021.
The International Taste Awards ceremony was broadcast across the United States as well as on various streaming services.

Chef Schulz from Mississauga, Ontario works across Canada with corporations introducing new tested product items to the menus of the restaurant trade; he showcases these products through major trade shows, and works with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada.

“One of the items I developed that is still in restaurants today is the Orange Roughy Fish encrusted with ‘Miss Vickie’s’ Chips. Not many people were familiar with Orange Roughy, but after tasting the new concept/recipe they would then wonder why they had never heard of this fish before. Today it is on numerous menus at many restaurants right across Canada,” said Chef Schulz.

by Frank Greco

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