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How Project Managers Can Give Effective Feedback To Their Teams


Most nonprofits deal with sensitive projects; sometimes, it becomes difficult to perceive and give feedback correctly. Feedback is extremely important especially when it comes to the constant improvement of your service quality and general approach to organizing and running various social projects. 

Experienced project managers in NPOs usually know which techniques to use, how to arrange and organize the process, and how to approach each team member. But what if your organization is still young or not experienced enough to already know everything? 

Many nonprofits grow together with those who are working for their missions – together with their supporters. Some of your workers or volunteers can be very sensitive when it comes to their activities – they might be nervous or afraid, not sure about what exactly they are doing and if they are doing it correctly. Sometimes they are even afraid to receive feedback as they are afraid of being criticized and not appreciated. Moreover, when asked to make some alterations or rework something, they can get highly stressed. 

This is why it is highly important to have a person who will mentor and coordinate your team members, give effective feedback and help their great ideas get even greater results. 

Three rules of being effective, when giving feedback 


You should always think about the objectives of all your actions and activities, as well as help each team member keep them in mind too. Nobody in your team should be afraid to speak their mind because even one small idea can bring a great result. 

Objective & helpful

Try to stay objective. There should be nothing you like/dislike. Concentrate on whether something you are giving feedback about is going to help you in your initiative or not. Then the one who is getting your feedback will understand the point of this feedback easier.  

Help or at least try to help your team. They should know they have somebody to rely on or at least share their fear and insecurities with. 

Grateful & thoughtful 

Feedback should be anticipated and welcomed by everybody in your team. If you are working on the initiative to join the Giving Tuesday tradition, for example, follow its main message and embrace the power of each community, team, and organization to share what they have collected, both mentally (for example, psychological support), and physically (financial or material support). Always remind your team about what mission you are following together and support each other. 

Remember that each thing you do is making the life of other people, animals, or our planet better. Be effective in everything you do, even in providing feedback to your supporters!

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