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International Burger Day DOUBLE DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER recipe from Chef Stephan Schulz


International Burger Day May 28

Chef’s Note: To commemorate International Burger Day, I treat myself with a double portion of one of my favourite foods. No matter what you like in cheeses, condiments or meats (or even non-meats), everything works nicely together on a burger held between two buns. Easy and quick to make. My two-cheese double stack burger I think will fill anyone up. Maybe you’ll be wanting another…..Enjoy.

(This recipe makes 4 double stack burgers)

Ingredients needed to make the burger:
• 1/2 pound Ground beef
• 1/2 pound Ground veal 
• 1/2 pound Ground pork
• One egg
• Breadcrumbs
• Fine chopped onions
• Chopped parsley or and dried basil
• Salt and pepper to taste

To prep the buns ingredients:
• Butter
• Brie cheese
• Sliced cheddar cheese
• Iceberg lettuce
• Large tomato

To prep onion ingredients:
• Large slice of sweet onions
• Brown sugar
• Olive Oil

Chef Stephan Schulz’s Double Double Cheeseburger

• In a bowl add the egg, diced onions, two or three stems of the chopped parsley, or a pinch of dried basil. 
• Add salt and pepper to taste 
• Mix all together
• Break up all the meats by hand and add them into the bowl (half a pound of ground veal, half a pound ground of lean beef, half a pound of ground pork).
• Add a quarter cup of breadcrumbs into bowl with the meat and mix all together.
• Divide the meat into four portions. Ensure that the portions are of equal size and remove air in the meat by pressing it flat with your hands.
• Place the burgers into an oven (hot pan) until brown on each side.
• Place on a baking sheet, once all burgers are done. 
• Placed into an oven of 375°F/190°C.
• Once completely cooked to your liking, take burgers out of the oven and place a cheese (Cheddar or a cheese of your liking) onto the burger
• Place the burger patty into the oven until the cheese is nicely melted.

Prepping of the bun:
• Spread butter on both sites and place them in the oven until bun turns brown. 
(Note; the top of the pan I placed three slices of cheese then placed them back upside down onto the rack until the cheese was melted. When it is melted take out and set aside.

Prepping of the onions:
• Slice onions
• Place into a frying pan with butter and a little bit of brown sugar, fry on both sites until golden brown and Set aside.
• Assembling burger from the bottom up
• Place the bottom of the bun on the plate
• Add iceberg lettuce 
• Add onions
• Add tomato slice
• At your first burger patty with cheddar cheese
• Add second burger patty with brie cheese (you can also use other cheese as you prefer).
• Place the top of your bun on top with the cheese on it to complete your Double-Stack Burger….enjoy!

Another tasty recipe Chef Stephan Schulz

Chef Stephan Schulz works across Canada with corporations and with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada. Follow Chef Schulz on instagram for his daily recipe and plated photo posts: https://www.instagram.com/chef_schulz

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