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Journeying Through Canada By Train: Toronto to Vancouver And The Many Pit Stops In Between


Canada has always been a passage greeted happily by the wanderlust travellers out there, looking to tackle some serious landscape and terrain challenges. However, as of late, many travellers have turned their bucket lists to more efficient means of travel, by journeying across Canada via train, using the Rail passenger system of the region. While there is less hiking and camp stops along the way, the journey does promise superior scenery, and unparalleled views. Also, as a plus, you will be seeing the world’s second largest country, within four to five days tops. This travel guide will tell you how and why you need to add this travel journey to your agenda. Canada has it all where landscape and character is concerned. 

Within Canada, not only is there beautiful scenery that you can experience and immerse yourself within, there are some of the best new online casinos to try when you are on that train on your way to the beautiful destinations. All you need is a good internet connection, and you are good to go! Meanwhile, if you are wanting to know more about the itinerary for travelling across Canada, find it elaborated further below.

Day 1: Washington D.C., to Toronto

The first pit stop is to Toronto, a beautiful city (if we may say so ourselves). As soon as you are on your way to Toronto, the carriages on the train will begin to fill up with all sorts of old and young travellers. The expectation and excitement that builds momentum during the journey is very visible, the energy of the passengers warms up the entire train- all for the taste of adventure. 

Because the train journey to Toronto would be overnight, passengers are provided with a separate cabin, to set up comfortably for the night to pass. Within your cabin room, a huge room with panoramic views. Once reaching Toronto, the next stops along the route of exploration really are breathtaking. 

Day 2: Sudbury to Sioux Lookout (Ontario)

When you wake up to the next destination, you are greeted with sky’s so colour rich, you feel like you wake up in a dream, quite literally. Passengers should be able to cross into the region at the break of dawn, so the sun will literally light up all your photos and capture the most beautiful natural visuals of Markham Ontario. 

On the train, breakfast is served from the early hours of the morning, and it is custom that guests do sit and fill up the dining carriages, regardless of whether you are with a party or not. Don’t be shy! Make conversation and get to know your fellow travellers and train enthusiasts. Most passengers do go up to the sky cabins to enjoy more views after breakfast, some travellers tune in with their music, others have the camera at the ready, while you pass through towns such as McKee’S Camp, Gogma and Foleyet. This view is believed to have inspired many travel writers and photographers for National Geographic. Who knows, maybe you could be next?

Winninpeg, Manitoba

Day 3: Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Winnipeg will be your first pitstop, the train will stop for three hours, so you have that allotted time to explore the city, get a bite to eat, and wonder. There is a conjunction of rivers called the Assiniboine and Red, this could be the perfect pitstop with some coffee and chill. Other things to do could be the main Forks Market, which is believed to attract 4 million visitors each year. Maybe you could get a trinket or two for a keepsake memory home?

Day 4: Canadian Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia

Canadian Rockies, VIA Rail

On the day before last, you will be able to hop off the train again and have more time to explore the surrounding nature and hyped-up nature reserves. The Jasper National Park is the highlight of this pit stop. Here you will see the Canadian Rockies in a prominent open view, glazed by the snow-caps which sit on the peaks of the mountain tops. It is in this moment where you possibly realise that you have seen the crown jewel of your journey, and this is where we would agree with you. While it is a car ride away, there will be designated bus tours that will take you there and back. Just make sure to check the bus times, so you arrive in good time for the final day of the itinerary.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Day 5: Vancouver, BC

The last and final day of the trip is a calm and collected one. No hiking, no wandering, simply making your way to Vancouver from British Columbia. This would be the time to make sure you exchange social tags and contact information with any fellow travellers that you made friends with, and have a decent conversation, chances are your paths will not meet again, unless you want it too. 

For those wanting to make this travel itinerary their own, The westbound Canadian train leaves three times every week from the Toronto train station at 10pm. Tickets for decent sleeper cabins on VIA Rail will set you back $1000, but hey, it truly is worth it. 

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